Monday, May 02, 2011

Trout Lake Spring Photoadventure - with photography tips

Trout Lake

The other day my friend @garethryan was asking me some questions about perspective/angles etc and "how do you do it?" I decided to answer by including some vlogged thoughts/technique pointers in today's photoadventure blog!

This photoadventure happened last Friday at Trout Lake on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. This is a lake that many people drive by often as it's the first lake you encounter heading north on the Sunshine Coast and it's right alongside highway 101.

But enough of that.. let's get this show on the road.

The follow two pictures were taken using the "Leg Hook" technique..
Trout Lake
Clouds are water too

The Leg Hook Technique requires one's observation of the surrounding area for possible perches and accessories to angle changing and exercise.

In this case I used a gnawed beaver stump and a tree.

Here's the stump.
Yes... A beaver was here.

and here's breaking it down (with a shout out to G-reth for the question + encouragement)

And now a little something on perspective....
April 8 Trout Lake 056

there are no rules. Have fun. Experiment. Spin things around. The ultimate rule is... does it look good to you? are you having fun? then heck yes! Roll with it.

Lookin Good

Right Rotate

Right Rotate

You may note that despite the rotation I've kept to some of the composition guidelines like placing my lines/subject/goodness following the Rule of Thirds.

so back to the lake..
Trout Lake
From out on a limb

Now that last shot was gained using a technique that could be called "Out on a limb" ;)

Another technique for taking great pictures I call "Go Further".... exemplified by what happened when I found myself here
What's over there?

Now some people may think I'm being cheeky with these responses... but mostly I'm being practical. There isn't so much a magic formula as much as it is moving around and changing the angle/perspective/location from which one shoots. Ramble and amble about!

Go further.
Trout Lake
Trout Lake
Trout Lake
Near the outlet

And you might find something new. Actually I can guarantee that if you go further than you ever have before you'll discover things that you never knew existed. Just like how I discovered that the end of Trout Lake actually has a beaver dam raising the water level.

Did I take a picture of this dam? Well.....

To the example of hanging off of trees, climbing branches over lakes, and going further... we now add "How not to hurt yourself sucka" (and look.. a tree!)
Look... trees!

Fear not though! Oh Beaver Dam desirous peoples! For I have often found that the world is full of new potentials for photos. And that when a door closes, or a steep incline looks brutal, another option quickly presents itself to the keen eye.

And so it did.

Beaver Dammed 2
Beaver Dammed

I didn't stop there. I went further. I walked back to the van and drove to the parking lot by the little wooden viewing platform where most people park.
From the Van

I got out of the van and saw this
Trout Lake

I walked 5 steps up a path and discovered this

These blossoms aren't too visible from the van.. or down by the wooden viewing platform.

nor the Dandelion

nor the newly sprouting fern
Ferny Youth

many wonderous sights awaited down that little forest path by the highway's side
Beaver Action

even some fresh young bleeding hearts had sprung forth
Bleeding Hearts

to be visited by a bee
Bleeding Hearts Admirer

Yes all these things were there.. just waiting to be discovered by the lake's side

beneath where fishermen catch trees
How to catch a tree 2
How to catch a tree

and the world still spins
Our Earth is constantly rotating

Inverted Wonder

So do you want to know the secret for taking the greatest pictures?

Climb, ramble, go further....

Get out of the van.

and have a great day ;)



GF Girl said...

Gorgeous photos dear - now if only I could get you to do my food photography for me.

Jordan said...

thank you very much m'ladyfriend! :D

and but of course you may hire my services when I'm in town in exchange for letting me nibble some of the fine gf food of which the photos were taken ;) :D

win/win plus I'd cross blog to you ;) hehe

GF Girl said...

It's a deal!