Monday, September 17, 2012

Just popping in to say hello :)

I'm now 5 months into my Cross-Canada journey, and I've made it to Ottawa.

It's been quite a trip so far! I've released two ebooks/ibooks that are available on my website.
I don't update here anymore though so for more regular updates you can follow at me at my site, on G+, on FB, tumblr, or subscribe to my newsletters.

I hope you're having some grand adventures of your own, and please say Hi on one of the other places I now frequent so I can follow you too :)

Jordan Oram
the Maplemusketeer

Saturday, April 14, 2012

An era ends and a new one begins

Coastal Temperate Forest Dweller has been good to me. I'm a little sad to see it go. But the fact is that, even though I'll always love this wet west coast, and I'll always take it with me wherever I go, I'm moving on.

In fact I'm adventuring across Canada, and doing more photography, and writing, and book making, etc, so....

Please follow me now at my new website :D Where you can find out about where I currently am, what I'm doing, and all that jazz :)

I look forward to seeing where this adventures takes us! :D
Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. It's amazing how much has happened since I started this blog... wow.

May you have wonderfilled days!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Every Moment Precious

Every Moment Precious

Slowly we become aware that everywhere we go is unique and changing. It can be difficult to realize this when we feel surrounded by the everyday that we feel we've seen everyday. But have we really seen it? Have we looked to notice nuance or difference?

Because there is wonder there. And story and mystery and trial and growth and struggle
and life.

Let's add to the fact that everywhere we go is unique, the realization that everywhen we are there is unique as well. The picture accompanying this was taken behind a good friend's house. I've visited him a few times since his neighbours' house burnt down, and when I went to take a picture he realized he hadn't taken any pictures of it yet either, despite living next to it, and driving past it twice a day. To take a picture as it was before the fire is now impossible. And it deteriorates now quickly. Soon it will be demolished and something new take its place. 

Spring is arriving here. Early flowers are blooming, leaves are budding on branches. It is a time of anticipation. A time of building, burgeoning awesomeness. Soon all those intertwining branches will be hidden beneath leaves catching light. It is windy today. Those branches are moving about as the wires wiggle too. Each moment and day offers sights that will never be seen again. A year from now those trees will be taller, or perhaps some gone. The clouds will change, the light will change, the molecular make up of that branch will change. And for a moment we share in that. 

It is my hope that when I walk, when I travel beyond the doorstep of habitation, I notice and am aware of the deep uniques of this moment in this place, and how it will never be again, as it fleetingly runs off to be replaced by another that will never be again. The fact that this process will continue for awhile longer does not detract, for me, the value of that one moment.

And heck, I'm happy I get to share many of these moments with all of you fine G+ friends of mine. Because I'm so thankful for your moments that you've all shared with me too.

May we notice more moments today :)
and spend them well :D

Saturday, March 03, 2012

My new book: A long daytrip to Long Beach and back!

I'm happy to announce the release of my book "A long daytrip to Long Beach and back"!
It's available as an iBook ($3.99), soft cover ($37.95), and hard cover ($49.95) book and it wouldn't have been possible without the support and encouragement of all of you!

Thank you so much :D

I'm going to figure out some sort of contest and give away a few copies too ;)

And have already had a fun hangout on Google Plus discussing the various photos and sharing tips and tricks! It's all pretty exiting :D 

I hope you all have a great weekend and find some wonder and awesomeness in our world :)

Jordan Oram
The Maplemusketeer 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Of Life and Growth

All flowers have to slowly push their way through the ground and leaf litter, reach for the sky, learn to stand up, and then burst into colour. Even you and me.Another day unlike any other that has or will ever be. Let's do it well.

All flowers have to slowly
push their way through the ground and leaf litter,
reach for the sky,
learn to stand up,
and then,
burst into colour.

Even you and me.
Another day unlike any other that has
or will ever be.

Let's do it well.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I only had a few moments after work

Sechelt Pier at Dusk

I only had a few moments after work
I walked over and looked out to sea to see what was different
Somber grays and no brilliant sunset glow setting the sky aflame
No riotous colours.

But that's ok

The clouds make their own pattern of wonder in the sky
The lower light requests a slightly longer exposure
There is a tugboat waiting as a gravel barge is being loaded
and greatest of all?

a transient piece of driftwood
the rootball of a tree
has made its way to the ocean and this shoreline
a long journey through time and place
to casually drift through the scene

I only had a few moments after work

but this moment will last forever

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Koi in Space

Koi in Space
the galaxy is a reflection of the wonder we find all around,
inside and out, outside and in,
may we know and grow a little more each day
as we make our way on,
to be what we will become,
and become what we will be..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sun and Cloud: The Creative Struggle

Like Sun and cloud, our creative struggles, challenges, and success, are all the better for the combination.

The wharf juts out into Sechelt InletA gateway to a world without lines on the road

I live in a rainforest. Unlike many of my fellow temperate coastal forest people I readily acknowledge the fact that the weather patterns will continue to bring rain here off of the ocean as they have for millenia, and that I have a choice of living locations. I could live in a desert arid climate, or the prairies where the fields run off into the distance. I've spent a bit of time in both those climates and, while I can appreciate the differences and beauty to them, I love the giant green forest, plethora of plants and mosses, and deep goodness in the woods along the sea.

So we have sun, and we have rain, and we have many many clouds, often.

I can tell you from personal experience that the sun and blue sky look absolutely brilliant when they peek through the clouds after a few days of being overcast. And the colours!! At sunset and sunrise, or other random moments through the day, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful light making it's way through those clouds.

As for creative struggles? Well.. they're very similar. The passion and inspiration to germinate an idea, like a flash of brilliant sunlight. The striding forth in that light to start creating, to take pictures, lay words on paper, or pluck strings to make tunes. And then the struggle of choosing how to display that, how to share it, how to arrange it, how to quantify it, how to risk making it real, and tangible, and putting it out there.

There is a challenge and a struggle in that darkness.

The sun rises at the start of a new day

And then there is the sun. Rising once more over the waters, over the hills, through the fog. A new day dawns and we stand there with our completed work for all to see. We have succeeded. We celebrate, and then strike out to see what this new day will bring, how it will inspire, how it will make us muse.

So know that you're not alone in that struggle, in that journey, in that quest. Though it is uniquely unique to you, it is also a generally shared experience to many, and we're cheering you on even though you must walk the steps yourself, we're hooting and hollering and waving banners, though you must ache and strive to continue.

Please do, for in watching you struggle and succeed you also cheer me on. So thank you.
Thank you and go well :)

Jordan Oram
The Maplemusketeer

ps You never know how sharing your muse and action will inspire others. To you something may seem small, but the ripples it casts will go on into until at least lunch time, possibly eternity ;)

Thanks to Paulissa Kipp who's comments to me this morning on Google Plus inspired this post, and to Jake Easley for his sharing of awesome and timeliness. ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sechelt Sunset

The sunset seen over Vancouver Island from Sechelt, British Columbia.
People watch as the sun sets over Trail Island and Mt.Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island as seen from Sechelt, British Columbia, on February 2nd, 2012.

Sunsets are one of those things that makes photographers late for dinner. Good light will do that. Sunrise, sunset, sun being filtered through clouds, all set the photographic heart atizzy. Because in one picture is immortality. A connection and link is formed in that moment that will last for us as long as we live. In the focus of that impassioned moment, other commitments disappear and fade away behind the glory of that glowing goodness.

Some will understand. Some won't. It is a link between those who chase their passion and find themselves at the whim of their muse.

So what? What does this mean? Well..
A) Enjoy sunsets. They're awesome. ;)
B) Hopefully we can develop some compassion and understanding for others when they get caught up in their passions, even when they aren't OUR passions. Oh heck. Hopefully we can all relax a bit and realize that people get caught up in things, and if it's something they love and are passionate about, then that's awesome! I want to support people living passionately and powerfully, chasing dreams and discovering wonders. So be it reading, writing, playing an instrument, carving wood, knitting, or whatever, let me know that I may cheer you on!

Because what the world can use, is more people living passionate and purposeful lives of awesome ;)

Lets do it :D

Crossing Howe Sound in the Winter

I met a fellow on the ferry crossing who called it the world's cheapest/most scenic cruise. The 45minute sailing from Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal (on the outskirts of Vancouver) to the Langdale Ferry Terminal (on the Sunshine Coast) costs about $13 as a walk on passenger and you only have to pay the fare one way as the return trip back to Vancouver is free.

In the foreground is Gambier Island and in the background is the mainland en route up Howe Sound to Squamish and further still to Whistler. In the distance can be seen the top of Mt.Garabaldi.

I've been riding this route since I was in the womb. I still watch in awe during the voyage. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sword Ferns, Snow, and a Self Portrait

We have snow! And it's hanging around a bit ;)

This isn't completely unheard of on the coast, however it's not all that common either. We're used to living in a green temperate rainforest. Emphasis on the temperate, which means neither too hot or too cold.

So I'm going to leave a bit early for working at the clinic (I work p/t as a Registered Massage Therapist) and see if any photos are lurking out there in the snow! :D

I hope January is treating you all well!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My top "Adventures with Friends" videos from 2011

Adventures with Friends - Year in Review 2011

It being the end of the year, I've delved into the video archives from my youtube stream and selected my favourites of 2011 and shall present them in 4 categories.

Adventures with Friends

I've saved my favourite videos for last. So with no further ado let me present...

My top "Adventures with Friends" videos from 2011

This first video features my Mom's discovery of why feather pillows and washing machines don't mix well

After one of our Botanical Beach adventures on the West Coast of Vancouver Island we stopped in at a local pub for a pint and a rest. Then we discovered this.

While passing through Hope BC this fall my friend Kim showed me her nature inspired technique for harvesting plums ;)

I met this cat while doing some teaching and speaking at Camp Squeah. It is a very friendly cat, this Augustus.

I got to spend a bit of time with Yoshi (an amazing certified chef who does magic with food! Check out ) and we performed some wilderness rescue/relocation. With a cameo by Dustin the Pool Boy. ;) 

During a trip to Squamish a plan to climb the Stawamus Chief was exchanged for a day spent driving to Abbotsford and back in the service of helping a friend move. Time well spent. In an elevator?

Riding with my Vancouver Island photoadventuring friend Karsten in the early morning.. listening to CBC in his old Subaru 'Ruby'

And to balance out the animal appearance here's a video of Roman the dog learning to challenge fears in the rainforest alongside some rapids.

We end this Friend Retrospective from 2011 with three videos from the same trip. My friends Mark and Timos came to the Sunshine Coast and I took them to Egmont where we hiked out to the Skookumchuck Rapids and stayed overnight at the old family land, with guitar and recorder playing, singing and much laughter.

Many adventures and memories with friends occurred over the course of 2011. I look forward to even more to come in 2012 :)

Thank you to my friends for adding immeasurably to my life. You're all a treasure of great worth to me.