Monday, June 26, 2006

Walking in the woods

Oh the things you see when you get out and open your eyes.

I just bought some new hiking boots for the upcoming season and need to break them in for this friday when a few of us are going to pre-trip our SLT trail. So this morning I got up to go a-hiking. Plus I loaded my pack with my dirty laundry and a milk jug full of water to get me used to the pack again.

Here is a list of the animals I saw:
5 squirrels (there are a lot around)
3 grouse
2 owls (maybe because of all the squirrels?)
and 1 toad twice. On the way up and back.

Salmon berries are ripe and ready, huckleberries and thimble berries soon, though I managed to find some ripe ones of those as well. So yeah.. all in all a good hike.. the boots work well and my feet are feeling pretty good.

It's also pretty hot out so boy was I dripping with sweat on the way.. of course I brought copious amounts of drinking water as well... which I drank.

So get out there and keep your eyes open. Who knows what wonderful things there are to be seen.

Gotta go,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Day In The Life...

So what happened today?

Breakfast at 7am (this group ate early)
Canoeing from 8-10, 10:15-12:15 (went pretty good. They were around Gr.7.. so not as tricky in the wind as leading a group of Gr.3's.. that was yesterday)

Lunch (BBQ) (Hamburgers, hotdogs, jello, farmer sausage)

1:30-3:30 Canoeing ride along with person who hasn't done alot of instruction with us yet.

3:40-6:10 Mowing grass with the ride-em lawnmower which is finally back up and running again.

Eat dinner (Lasagna, Cesar salad, "crazy" bread, apple crumble with vanilla ice cream)

7:10-10:00 Fire Practice. Today we tested some new and old hoses and I got to drive the fire trucks. (Ok.. so pull them ahead out of the firehall and then back them in afterwards once we were done...)

And now I type this.. thankful for the fact that canoeing tomorrow does not start until 9:15. ;) Hopefully it will be another dryish day so I can also get some more lawn mowed.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hot Tubs.. so wonderful

As long as they aren't scuzzy and malodourous. Thankfully the one I was in this evening was not. It's really nice relaxing in a hot tub with friends. Both hot tubs and friends are great on their own; but when you combine them there is some sort of synergy that kicks the whole deal up a notch.

Today I filled in potholes from a backhoe bucket, was up a ladder limbing a cedar tree, belayed a climbing block, lead archery, and served dinner. It was a pretty good day. Planning is starting to come along and I think I'm starting to get into better canoeing shape.. but I haven't started hiking yet so that's something still that needs to get picked back up.

World Cup starts friday and that's really exciting. Tomorrow there will be a soccer game that I may participate in. Apparently the Jr.Boys High School team has a game against parents,teachers,etc.. so I may join in on that action. Could be a lot of fun!

Well time for me to hit the pillow, with my head, sweet,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back in BC and back on the water

So I arrived back at camp the other day. Today was my first time leading canoeing this year. And boy am I out of shape.. chased some kids down to one end of the lake and ripping over to the other side wasn't what it used to be.

It's good to be back here once more and I'm looking forward to the summer and what it'll bring.

Thankful for my time in Saskatchewan and the people I met there. Plus the going away present the guys gave me. It is a wooden paddle that they took turns signing. Very cool. I'm gonna put a couple coats of some sort of finish on it and then I'll be able to paddle away with it!

Sweet goodness!

Tonight we watched Sister Act 2, last night it was The Cutting Edge (the movie where the hockey player becomes a figure skater). (Interesting times in the communal house)

Ciao for now,