Friday, May 20, 2011

Up the hill as the sun sets...

It started with seeing that the sun was beginning it's weary descent.. and wondering what I might see.

Out the door, over three blocks, and then off road rambling up a hill with my worn sneakers.

Under the powerlines and along a trail through a forest towards my old highschool.
I noticed the crescent moon up in the sky.

The forest parted near the new clearing and some rocks limited access to the path..


A large pile of dirt from excavating for the new baseball backstop was piled up. So I climbed on top to look around.

Just in time to see a raven land on a branch. Now where did that moon get to?

Continuing across the field I wandered towards the ocean view that I knew was waiting...
Across the Field

The setting sun lit up the trees against the cloudy sky. And a crow flying. And many crows making many quorking noises.

Just because there are clouds doesn't mean it's not pretty out ;) Frankly I find blank blue skies to be kind of boring ;)
That Way

The crows were gathered in a couple of cedar trees on the edge of the school parking lot. And on the old antenna.
Flying Around

What had them all worked up? Were they just conversing about the day?
Nope. They had an intruder to deal with.

They took off to chase a hawk.
Get Him!

I've always thought of crows as rather intelligent creatures. But in this instance?
Which Way Did He Go?

Perhaps the hawk is smarter..
Sneaky Hawk
Sneaky Hawk - Crop

or perhaps they were all in on it and just having some fun playing games with me ;)

I turned my back to their zany hijinx and saw the tall arbutus aglow.

Out across the Strait of Georgia I saw the BC Ferry to Nanaimo nearing it's destination.
To Nanaimo

and some flowers saw it all
Standing for now
To Blossom in Season

Just an average normal day at the sun's set in Sechelt, British Columbia.

I'm glad I decided to get out of my chair.


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