Monday, May 23, 2011

Places I've Wandered - Ledgeview

Ledgeview (aka McKee Hill) exists as a foresty mysterious system of trails and discovery in Abbotsford, British Columbia. (there is also a golf course nearby called "Ledgeview Golf Course"... likely unrelated ;) )

As the Greyhound bus turned the corner and descended the hill towards the Abbotsford Bus Depot I could see my buddy's red suburban waiting to welcome me in the parking lot. Any time I manage to spend with Papa Theo is rewarded with laughter, growth, friendship, and copious amounts of yerba mate consumed. In fact, when I prepare my yerba mate to drink every morning, I use a modified Papa Theo method because he's the fellow who first taught me how to prepare the "Cup of Life". But that is a tale not yet told. On this occasion he picked me up and we ran some errands before he said "how do you feel about going for a hike?"

Let us depart to the trailhead and make way.

The sky was beautiful. Blue offset with the occasional puff of fluffy white goodness.

We slowly and cautiously advanced through the forest whilst dialoguing on life and happenings.

Occasionally there were small bursts of speed involved with stream hurdling. But it wasn't a common occurence.

The sun continued to cast its gaze and rays upon us

The green foliage nurtured by all of the recent rains encroached in upon the trail.

Tall trees lurched and lurked above.

And Devil's Club grew near alongside the trail...

We kept climbing up, conversing and sweating as the ground cover drew back and the cottonwoods emerged into the light.

Tall cottonwoods.

Then we found a washing machine! A little worse for wear..

A conifer, some colours, and then a clearing to cross as we were definitely feeling the heat.

Crossing the clearing we neared what is most likely most people's destination on this hike. Through the spooky forest and towards the radio tower. If this was the purpose of climbing the mountain we were nearing it at a rapid pace.

Tada! The tower!

It always pays to bring a local ;) Back when Papa Theo was an avid mountain biker he'd come ride up here. So whilst those who aimed for the top got there and left... we kept on. To where I knew not. But the place is called Ledgeview for some odd reason...

Into the woods once more we went. Down sketchy slopes we somewhat slipped and slid. Till we turned a corner and emerged upon a scene I'd never seen.

A view from a vista out over the Sumas Prairie

Sumas Prairie from McKee Hill

Sumas Prairie from McKee Hill

Sumas Prairie from McKee Hill

What a view... what a journey... of course getting there is only half of it... Click here for part 2 aka How we got out via an alternate side trail of adventure and discovery :D

May you all have wonderfilled days and see the world in new ways

The Maplemusketeer

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