Monday, May 09, 2011

Don't Forget to Look Up

Sometimes we can get in a rut. Or at least people tell me they sometimes find themselves in a rut ;) I have a rapid and squirrelly attention span that has built up a treasure chest of scanning direction techniques and pondering curiosities. Consider this another tool in your toolbox of photographer perspective. I like to call it....

Looking up!

Alder Up
Orange Opens

Those three photos were all taken walking down the "main street" in Sechelt, BC on my way to work.

These next two were taken about 10 feet into the woods on a trail just off of a construction clearing.

Alder Up 2
Alder Up

This photo was taken as I walked alongside of the road nearing the Sechelt Duck Marsh
Budding to Leave

This was 10 ft in along the foot path
Blooming White

and this final one of a Salmonberry bloom was about 7 ft from the exit at the other end of the Duck Marsh :D
Salmonberry Bloom

So as a fun exercise when you go out next with camera in hand..
try to look up and take some photos!

I dare ya ;)

The Maplemusketeer

ps random Maplemusketeer video for the day..


Victoria said...

I'm so all about the looking up with photos!

Jordan said...

:D :D :D You take beautiful pics sweet Lady V! I want to see more! I issue an open challenge as of this moment for some Looking Up photos to my photog-bloggy friends (Basically you and my friend Heather.. maybe Karsten but he still hasn't written a response to the "most memorable meal" challenge ;) )

Marion said...
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Anonymous said...

o jeez your photos are gorgeous!