Friday, May 27, 2011

Photographical Antics - Spinning

A few weeks ago I talked about the freedom to mess around in editing after taking photos.

It's a good little tool to add to the tool belt because it lets you pull out/tweak/explore your photos in ways you wouldn't otherwise. Some of my favourite photos have been ones that started out being rather bland and blase. With that in mind let me introduce you to a fun little feature you can experiment cautiously with while actually holding your camera in your hands!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen.. I present my photographical application of the term Spinning (no exercise bike required). ;)

So before you think I must have been aiming at a swirling sky vortex.. or really tweaked with my camera settings... it was neither of those.

It was after the sunset and I was walking home next to the school under a maple tree.

With the camera set to do it's funktastical smart thinking/shutter speed based on light conditions I pointed up and spun in a circle. I've practiced this. Be careful. Wonky spins do weird things too. And people will likely look at you funny. Plus you stumble a bit after taking pictures so be careful ;) If you're not a practiced spinning photographer or figure skater you may want a spotter. ;)

Into The Dinosaur's Eye

Spirit of the Deer


Those were all taken under the same tree. A few of them were taken in rapid succession as I took a few shoots in the same spin. I've also discarded a number I didn't care for. :)

A little further down the road was a tree/lamp combo.. so we shall spin some more!

Terrible Lizard

Terrible Lizard 2

A bit further down we have some shoes hanging on a wire through some branches. This one was a bit tricky as you want to try to stay aimed on the shoes...

Spin faster.. or slower. Have fun with it! :D

I hope I've given you all some new ideas and some new fun tools to throw in your kits as you go out and amble about the world ;) :D

The Maplemusketeer

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