Monday, May 16, 2011

A Wet Travel Day of Rest

It's Monday and raining out. My only company at the moment are two budgies in a cage off to the right. They're busy grooming themselves and occasionally cheep cheeping. It's day 5 of my 6 day roadtrip and it's been a busy trip so far. So yes, there will be pictures and adventure blog posts coming once I get home ;) But right now? It is raining out and I'm home alone at my friends' house in Abbotsford.

Time to boil some water and make some tea.
Time to sit down and put my feet up.
Time to catch some solace while my budgie friends groom.

Soon the kids will come back from being babysat by their Oma and Opa next door. It'll be time to play with Uncle Jordan again. And it'll be good.

Time to appreciate and enjoy the little breaks in the day.

This afternoon I bus from Abbotsford BC to Vancouver BC. I'll visit and stay with a good friend and we'll drink some homebrew and share stories and talk about how girls confuse us.

It'll be a good night before I head home to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow.

Be well my friends
The Maplemusketeer

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