Thursday, September 22, 2011

Of True Value

From Places I've wandered
We are surrounded by things beyond price
Things no money could buy, no container could hold.

And unvalued.

How lame is that?

How much for a moment's pause?
What is the cost for a child's laugh?
Discounts by the dozen?
How much per sunrise? and sunset?
The sound of rain falling on leaves?

A parent's love, a friendship, time together?
All of the potential lost in a human life cut short
by circumstance? location? policy?

How much for a bird in flight wheeling free in the air?
Or watching a salmon's long journey come to an end spawning in the stream of its own birth?

How much for the love, trust, hope, wonder, joy, and awesomeness others share with and offer us?

Surrounded by things beyond price we focus on toys and gadgets
passions and vices for temporary thrills

We are rich already, but it passes without notice
the cost and passage of time

*ps I took the above photo in June from the top of Mt.Prevost overlooking Duncan BC. We'd camped atop the mountain and watched the sunset and rise. To the vast majority of people below these events were likely not noticed in the least, or barely in passing.


Anonymous said...

Your so right my friend. Everyone could benefit from taking time out to be with nature. I've been talking a lot on my blog about how we're slowly destroying nature with pollution and garbage. Yuck. Doesn't everyone realize the planet is one big living room?! I'd never throw garbage on my carpet. What's the diff?

Ataritron said...

Well said and important for all of us to reflect upon. Life is beautiful, even without things.

Jordan said...

Thank you for your comments my friends :D You guys are of value to me :)

Anna M said...

Good photo, love the low lying fog. Great commentary.

Anna M said...

Anna M is really Andrew M

Jordan said...

:D Thanks Andrew :D and you're all in the picture so it works haha

Yael Assia said...

Oy, soooo beautiful... O-o

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Jordan! And I'm not just saying that because of the photo of the wonderful Cowichan Valley from high atop Mt. Prevost, either! What a wonderful combination of prose and photography; top drawer!