Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Was there ever any doubt?

Your results:
You are Worf

Jean-Luc Picard
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Will Riker
Geordi LaForge
Deanna Troi
Mr. Sulu
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Scott
Beverly Crusher
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
You are trained in the art of combat
and are usually intimidating.

Click here to take the "Which Star Trek character am I?" quiz...

That's a pretty good top 4 right there. Worf, Picard, Chekov, or Kirk. I'm down with that. ;)

And the second greatest compliment I've ever gotten was when a guy at camp said of me "you're like a touchy feely Worf". Strength, character, honor, and empathy. Sweet! lol

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The First Bike Ride

Hello and welcome once again to Jordan's occasional (now urban) adventure updates.

Today's adventure is... biking to school. We finally got the bike up and working, and repaired the flat tire after my one days' test bike ride. Which meant that when the weather was auspicious it would be time for me to forego the vehicle ride and power myself to class.

Looking out in the morning I saw the sun playing off of the clouds away on the horizon. Blue sky smiled back at me. This seemed an auspicious day for my first bike ride to school.

As I passed the Legislature I was greeted with a few little rain drops.. but nothing bothersome. What's a little rain? If you live here you're used to the occasional swing in weather. And rain brings..

Rainbows. Though this one is rather faint and shy. But still.. a rainbow rode along side me as I made my way through the semi-crush of traffic. Ok Victoria really isn't that bad for traffic when you think of places like um.... latin america or asia. Where the population density in the urban centres can be a bit more wild and zany... anyways.. on with the bike ride.

Hail?!?! Uh... I didn't think that wind driven hail would be pelting my personage but that happened as well. I love this town. So wild and fun; unexpected and interesting.

I also think I probably encouraged those people who rode in their vehicles thinking their "life's fairly poor and that it couldn't get any worse". I of course didn't mind the hail. It made for a more exciting trip.

So after the light changed and onward I continued to school. I arrived and dried off a bit and then class started. The day went well. The ride back was not as weatherlifficuly exciting. But as I biked past the Anglican Church (one of many) I took this ride-by shooting picture.

There are lots of adventures in your day if you know how to see them!
May you go well and see well and be well,

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jordanic Randomness that is life.

Brief moments of Jordanic Randomness..

I've fused words together in solid ways to make better words recently... well one is my personal creation. Another is attributed to my buddy Scotty.

My word is funxy. It's a mash-up of funny and sexy. I'm very funxy. As are many of my friends. Yes. I'm talking about you friend (insert name here).

Scotty's addition to the language is guitarty. It's a guitar party. They're the bees' knees.

Guitarty. Funxy. Love it and live it.

And here's a sweet pic from school today. Me looking forlornly out the window. In my lovely new palpation shorts. $3 at VV. What a score. I feel like Magnum PI. Except taking massage therapy courses.

Props to buddy Dave from school on taking this stellar picture. With sweet reflection action.

I'm feeling funxy, lets get a guitarty going dang it!

And if you think this pic is scandalous boy you should see what happens when I tie up my shoe laces! But you have to specifically request those pictures.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Oh Saturday.. what a day to dream away

I'm going to be productive in my procrastination. I know I am avoiding studying. I'm tired of spending so much time thinking about muscles, insertions, techniques, finances, etc, and for today am completely letting it all go. I will do what I need to when I need to. I will learn and go on.

It is so very easy to get macrovision in life; to see only the right here and now through your own narrow half-blind vision. To get caught up and overly attached to the neural firing, interpretations, and thoughts, of life.

I declare today to be a day of rest. This saturday is a day of rest. An important day to relax, refocus, and recharge.


I still minimize myself and my accomplishments in my own head. Why do I do this? Of what do I fear? My old nemesis lurks here still. Fear of failure is his name and he whispers his insidious lies into my ears and they strengthen my fears and worries. He latches on when I'm distracted and looking the other way. There has been little time taken by me, in the past month and half flurry of school, to stop and centre, rest and still, myself.

Much like hiking down hill, where it takes more effort to keep a slow pace then it does to let go and gain speed until you catch your foot on the inevitable rock or root and then ragdoll into a battered and bruising crumpled heap, so to it is with living life and facing challenges. When inputs and events start happening faster than I can process, I start responding out of my core. This is a wonderful, interesting, and informative place to operate out of. It teaches you alot about your values, your fears, your weaknesses, and your strengths. At least it can if you stop and reflect.

We are all the sum of a cast number of experiences, memories, emotions, teachings, challenges, relationships, and choices. I'm 27. I can't begin to remember or recollect a fraction of all that when I'm deeply immersed in the process of living. I miss tonnes that happens around me everyday. But we rest in all those memories and are building upon all those victorious defeats and devastating victories that have occurred thus far.

I look at the amount of school ahead and the fear wielding face of failure whispers at me. "You can't afford this" "The money won't last" "You're not able to do this" "You will fail". Some assaults hit my armor of life and experience and fall to the ground. Others catch in the notches and wiggle around trying to worm their way in. The only way to get rid of those ones is to notice them, stop moving, and address them. If you don't notice them you won't stop moving and can't address them. You just keep walking, or running, forward as they work their way deeper and leech more and more from your joy and spirit.

When did the challenges of life become more scary and less exhilarating? When did the voice of wisdom become submerged beneath the drivel of fools? I don't know exactly, and that's not too important. What matters it that I've noticed.

And that is a grand thing.

I've noticed. I've stopped. And I'm taking stock. Actually I'm not at stock taking yet.. I need to just stop for a little while longer. It is time to reflect and remember; to reconnect with what I've learned and who I am; to find my footing.

In finding myself I will be ready for whatever may come. My armor may be dinged and beaten up but it is clean of rust and debris. It is time to pick it up once more and go forth.

And what about you? When is that last time you've taken a day to stop? To notice? To address? Do you ever get caught up in the crazyness of life and just respond without observation?

Sometimes I forget that it's ok to screw up and that I don't have to be perfect. That it's ok that I don't have it all together just yet. That part of the process of life is learning to live with our strengths and weaknesses, and to grow and be stretched.

Ok well I've got to jet out the door cause I told someone I'd give them some guitar lessons and we'd have a sing along this evening. So my apologies if there are any grammatical errors in this.

Adios and may you have a grand day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Quote of the Day

Today in MSAK Lab we were palpating what were, for some people, awkward places. Most of us didn't really care.. but there was a lot of giggling and much mirth.

The quote of the day would have to be

If you don't want someone to palpate your coccyx you don't have to.

But it also got a bit gong showish when, in this atmosphere of giggles, he started talking about various positions for better results at getting in there. Yeah.. I just want to say that I wasn't the one that started the giggling, or the raised eyebrows, or that I even was the first to start thinking in, gutter region areas. You who know me, may doubt me, but I tell the truth! :)

I stop now lest the mirth overcome. We're professionals damn it! Well.. on our way to becoming professionals.

And then during one break I was inspired to make some photos for a challenge group on Flickr that I'm part of. The challenge was aliens.. so I used what was on hand... as a professional of course. I leave you with my inspiration, accomplished with a little help from my friends.

Oh and if you haven't seen the Sedin's "Swedish Twin's" Commercial then you need to check this out.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Wily Dude Abides.. and responds to other people's posts.

So as I read some friends', and friends of friends',and friends of friends of friends' blogs, I am often inspired to leave a response. And oft-times not just a little response either. Sure I hope it'll make them chuckle or ponder things for a second. But I try not to think too highly of my wit and prowess. More so it's away for me to be creative and wrestle with the thoughts, emotions, and zanyness inspired by the Blogger's post. So with that said... the following are responses I posted to peoples blogs...


I read one the other day that was in reference to if marriages succeeded based on hard work or on luck.

Jordo's response:
I think the question "Is the success of a marriage a product of hard work or largely a gamble?" is too narrowly defined. Is it one or the other? I'd lean towards a lot of A and perhaps some of B but also tonnes of C's,D', and E's.

You can work your ass of and still get screwed over. Of course maybe it's not luck that plays the choice role. Perhaps some people, those who externalize their choices and attempt to disengage from their responsibilities as well as denying their own choices, name many things fate and luck and destiny, when in fact they are actually the results of their choices.

This discussion and topic reminds me, though on a larger cost/risk plateau, of the question "which relationships work out" in reference to dating. And I've had, and given lol, much advice on this topic as one commiserates or congratulates around a pint or two.

Some people say that long distance relationships never work. Yet I know people for whom it worked. Some people say that opposites attract and I know people for whom that is correct, and others for whom it isn't so. We seek to define and locate rules and guidelines that surround this most troublesome and painful of factors, that of our heart and it's release into the general population. All of this to come to this conclusion.

The ones that work, do. The ones that don't, don't. And though I have suspicions and ponderances upon why that is.. I know they are just suspicions and ponderances. Affairs of the heart are a grand mystery that we will never unravel. It's like sailing on a ship that is willing to sail off into that part of the map that is uncharted; the part of the map that says, Here Be Dragons. It is an adventure into the unknown. There you may discover new lands, or old sorrows. You may be wracked upon the unseen reefs that surround the shores of a tropical paradise or be received unrealistically as a god, before the illusion shatters and the people turn against you. You may discover lands filled with untapped potential and you may see and find great cultures you never knew anything about. You will, whether you like it or not, learn and grow.

Life is calling. The ship sails with the tide. Fear, trepidation, excitement, and hope, are your crew. Prepare to cast off the ropes and away into the unknown.

Or perhaps it's not yet time to venture forth just yet. Perhaps it's time to stay on shore and recover your wits and will from the last nautical debacle.

In regards to the original question of skill vs luck. I choose both. The luck/mystery/fortune to find what you will, to find what can be a great relationship and discovery, combined with the skill and the fortitude to choose, to step out, to take risks, to live life.

How very Canadian of me. When given A or B I redefine the question and still answer both... hah.

I also responded to a friend who said that when he wants to go for a drive he says "he's going for a ride too" because he imagines that somewhere, someone else is going for a drive too.

Jordo's response:
You'd be right.. there's tonnes of people driving... right now as we speak... they're driving over to your house.. creeping down the hall... they're right outside your door this very section... stop reading and run!! get out of the house! Move dude! In the name of all that is holy and good! What are you waiting for.. don't worry about me.. I can keep typing.. I'm safe in BC.... you need to leave the computer now and go... GO!!!............




Are you gone yet?
You should be..
They're lurking out there still..

Really.. I've come from the future to protect you... I'd be there.. but it's cold and I like it here.

Seriously? I thought they were after you? Unless.... they know I'm here to protect you and they're going to take me out first!! I came back in time but it's altered nothing! Nothing! They've adapted to my presence and they're going to try to take me out.. therefore leaving you vulnerable.. but they didn't count on blogs now did they? No.. you've been forewarned.. be careful man... I must go now.. they're probably tracking this signal... Oh yeah.. before I go. It's very very important, imperative really, do you have a pen? You may want to write this down... it's very very important that under no circumstances do you actually


Yeah so that's it for now. If you'd like email or blogged responses to your questions, qualms, and queries, then you may want to contact someone else. :) But if you wanna chit chat or whatevs then look me up. Oh ok.. and if you want my thoughts on something you can have those too. But only if you ask nicely.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lunch was great

When you come visit me in Victoria we should go out for dinner at the Irish Times pub. It's a great place.. and they have Irish Bacon and Brie burgers that are quite good. Goes well with a Guiness or two. So today my Dad and I went cruising around Victoria and took some pictures. We had lunch at the Irish Times.. it was good times.

Here's a picture I took of pops.

And one he took of me.

Oh Irish Times.. it's a gooder. Of course there are many decent good pubs in Victoria. Man.. I should really get back to studying.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good Bye Dear Friend

Today an old friend has left me. Even though I only knew him for 3 years we'd spent alot of time together during that period. At times we were inseperable. One of my few travelling companions these past couple of years. My yellow pump thermos broke today. By broke, I mean shattered. The inside glass part.. is no more. *sigh*

It was a gift given by my old roomate Troy. He found it at a garage sale when I was down in Guatemala. He emailed me and told me he had a gift for me. He kept me in suspense for a few months. And it was worth it. I've often referred to it as the best gift I never knew I wanted. But the moment I saw it I knew it was something special. And now it is gone. Now it is time to grieve. Time to mourn. Good bye Ol' Yellow Pump Thermos.

At least this last little while we had fun, you and I. The picture adventures. Visiting old friends. The recent trip to Abbotsford. The wedding. And the start of school. Now it's time for me to go on, on my own.

I'll miss you. I'll always remember you, and the time we had together. I don't know who's hands you passed through on your journey to mine but I hope these last few years were good to you.

Adios my friend, adios.

Of into the sunset you go. Into the west. Just like Bilbo and Frodo and Gandalf.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Something written...

It's been awhile since I've written here. Priorities shift and certain things gain in importance while others get put off for another day. Clearly my musings on paper are on that list, but not near the top.

I'm in Starbucks with a Large green ginger tea. Of course it arrives without a lid and I don't come here enough to automatically know which lid goes with which. So with a task before me I head to the lid rack and scan the names. Grande/Venti, Tall, Short. None say Large. And there's an audience observing me. Sure they know the right lid size and are waiting for my erroneous choice to be made. The pressure mounts. I remember the one time I fumbled with various lids and none fit, a few came out at once, and then I had to throw away all of the ones I'd touched because I'd touched them and being foodsafe whipped I felt I'd "dirtied" them. Of course I also felt wasteful for throwing the extra lids out. Of course I just feel wasteful drinking product from there in disposable containers when I can drink mate from my guampa for less cost, with less waste. I digress. As usual.

So I quickly scan the options before me and deftly grasp a Grande/Venti lid betwixt my thumb and index finger. I manage to disengage the lid from its partners with little fuss and, to my relief, it settles comfortably upon the circular lip of my ginger green tea containing cup with my firmly applied pressure.

Smoothly I maneuver my way back to my hard, ass numbing, brown chair with gluteal ergonomic design. I await some co-students to arrive for Sunday's study session. A blue plastic bag at my feet contains plastic versions of a human clavicular, humeral, scapular, radial, and ulnar bones. As well as a plastic model hand held together with wires. I upend the bag on top the table. The bones lay scattered around the table top. Long bones. Flat bones. Short bones. Grande/Venti, tall, short, in a slightly different scenario. Many similarities, for they are all bones, but I must learn, record, and remember the distinctions; the differences. Which side is anterior? Which posterior? Is it a left or a right bone? To this structural framework we add the tendons and joints that connect the bones. So I need to visualize the bones and put them together. Then I need to view, recall, and pronounce the names of the unique and individual ligaments and joints. To this we add the musculature. Not just "name the muscle", but where does it originate (start) and insert (attach) as well as what actions (primary and secondary) does it take part in? Example? Biceps brachii is a primary muscle involved in flexion of the fore arm at the elbow. Or of the antebrachium at the antecubital joint.

MSAK lecture was last week. That's the knowledge base in a certain way. Wednesday (tomorrow) is the exam for MSAK Lab. MSAK Lab is like Lecture, but more hands on. For it is in this class that we learn to palpate the various bony landmarks, origins, and insertions. It is here we apply resistance to limbs to locate muscles and other tissues. And it is this knowledge, for this test, that I should be reinforcing right now, rather than composing, and then typing this into the computer.

So adios. Time to get back to the studying.. of course.. the Canucks do play Edmonton tonight........

Friday, February 02, 2007

For Delayne: The First "Dress Up Like A Guy from the Village People" Day

So I hear through the facebook grapevine that Delayne is quite sick with bronchitis and is hopped up on meds and at home feeling yucky yucky yucky. (By facebook grapevine I mean she wrote it on my facebook wall). And I think to myself, "self, what can you possibly do to in someway use your mad skills to somehow improve her situation". Well.. they say laughter is a good form of medicine.. along with encouragement and well wishing.

I came up with my idea and emailed it to her (aka wrote on her facebook wall).

On Friday (today) I would go to school as a Construction Worker.

To my school where I'm learning Massage Therapy.

It'd been about 5 days since I'd last shaved so this morning while I shave I left the faux-fu manchu. Which was great cause people couldn't really see it from a distance so it would suprise them up close.. ;)

Then I put on a guatemalan sleeveless beer shirt I got when I was down there. Put on my bandanna. Broke out the sunglasses. And tossed on my silver eagle (a gift from my step-dad a few years back) (I like that eagle).

The result? Beautiful.

Here I am with another guy from the job site.. we call him "Skinny"

The hard hat's actually his.. i found it one day on the side of the road on my way to school... it'd been there for a bit.. so I brought it into class and put it on the skeleton.. it's been there ever since.. for maybe... a week.

For lunch we went to the Europe Deli. A great choice for any construction worker in the area. We had the polish special for lunch. Perogies, polish sausage, and a cabbage roll. Quite yummy. My mom says I'm to marry a polish or ukranian girl. She wants to exchange recipies and learn to make perogies and all those great things.

As we left I got these great gingerbread cookies with plum centres covered with chocolate. I remember having them when I was in Germany.. they were good.

So class was pretty good today.. and afterward my dad and I went out to grab some pizza to celebrate a successfull week of school done with some great test results. While waiting for the pizzas we went for a walk in a nearby park.. with a very crazy inviting tree... it said "Jordan... you must climb me"... well.. Sometimes I have a hard time saying no. Then I found a nice little "foresty" section with a bit of a fern bed.. so I went and stood in it for a bit and pretended I was actually in the forest and not in the city.. it was a nice little reprieve.. but I really think I need to go for a hike soon.

So those are the pictures I'll leave you all with.. may you have a grand weekend and remember that a great deal of life is your interpretation and mindset towards it. Maybe have a random dress up like a construction worker day, or climb a tree, or whatever. Life is full of invitations if you really want to see them.

May you feel better Delayne and get over your bronchitis soon.... ok here's those pictures..

This tree kinda has a bit of that whole "Castle Greyskull" thing going on down by it's base. I think it's just upset that people aren't climbing it. So I attempted to remedy that...

Yes I got down just fine.. thanks for asking..

This is my "Little Boy Lost" pose... being deep in the woods and all and surrounded by wilderness... and a park. Well.. I can pretend can't I?

May you have a grand weekend.