Monday, May 23, 2011

Plants I've Encountered - Giant White Fawn Lily

This is a new feature I'm instituting here on my blog! I'll likely also start doing a "Animals I've Encountered" feature as well. I see it as just another way to share some of the awesome wonderful things I encounter in the world, as well as keep me sharp with open eyes and camera, and teaching me more things I didn't know as I research/fact check on the knowledge I've accumulated over the years. :D And yes, fact checking = Wikipedia ;) Now on with the show!

Giant White Fawn Lily aka Erythronium Oregonum

Found in the Pacific Coast mountain ranges from California to British Columbia, this blooming Fawn Lily was discovered in a late-May photoadventure at Ledgeview in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Reading on Wikipedia I was interested to discover that the bulb can be cooked or dried to use as a starch (like with this variety in Japan) or root vegetable and that the leaves are edible. I'm not sure I'm ready to add it to my diet just yet ;) Though perhaps one day when I get my retreat/wellness centre going I'll be able to get a patch growing nearby. Even if I don't eat them, they look lovely.

ps I don't eat things just because the internet says I can. You shouldn't either.

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