Monday, July 31, 2006

More Caving Pictures

Alrighty then.. so here are some more pictures from last saturday's caving adventure. And then I'm off to bed. First up.. me playing around with different camera settings. So what do you see in the picture below? What does it look like to you? Let me know. Leave a comment!
Ok.. so how many people see a skull in there? Creepy eh? Yeah so let me know if you see something else so I don't always think of it as that creepy/cool skull picture.

This picture here is looking down the Fraser Canyon from the Spirit Caves Lookout.

And this nifty picture is from in the cave as well. People can wiggle through the lower part (which we've named the birth canal) (it's a little tight in there) and then you can climb out over top. And that's all I have to say about that....

Anyhoo.. may you all have wonderfilled days and see a bit of beauty in your everyday..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Happenings

So today there are no campers here. It's a time in between programs. And thus Alida and I are to do something with our fabulous LT's. Today we took them caving up in the Spirit Caves near Yale. Afterwards we all went and watched the new Pirates movie playing in Hope. All in all it was a very good day. And I'm pretty tired. ;)

Oh and for the hike I wore a life jacket. I mean hey, it was in the bus. I combined that look with this beautiful old bright orange helmet and some sunglasses I also found in the bus. I guess I'll include that picture for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry I've got to dash but adios!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

On July 26th the end of an era arrives...

Yep on that day the Federal Gov't will take their last payment of my student loan out of my account and I will owe no more money to the Gov't. Or anyone as far as I know. The only obligations I will have are those familial, friend based, citzen based, part of humanity based, part of the earth based.. Ok so there's still those other commitments to keep me grounded. But yeah.. pretty ok.

Now what to do? what to do?

SLT is going well. Just finished our week of Leadership training and sessions. Tonight we may take them to watch a movie in town.. I think Superman is playing. And yeah.. the next 2 weeks is activities for me.. Canoeing again.. as well as some LT related work.. then a little vacation with my dad. Which will be a blast.. Last year we went into the Okanogan. Played Super Tough 20 Questions.. He once picked the speed of light. I had to figure out that he was thinking of the speed of light. But I got him.. He had to figure out that I was thinking of the organ Captain Nemo plays onboard the Nautilus in the book 20 000 leagues under the sea. Yeah so needless to say it's pretty intimidating and intense when we play 20 Questions. This year I'm thinking it might be better to head to the island and see his new place and do some stuff around there. Plus the ocean acts as a temperature modifier keeping the whole area warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. I could stand with some cooler. ;)

Well Adios and gotta jet,
may y'all have wonderfilled days,
via con Dios!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flickr Update!

Yes for those of you who have heard tales of my recent exploits up in Manning Park you can now check out some pictures by clicking on the Flickr picture thing in the side bar of this screen.

Speaking of Manning.. tomorrow I'll be getting up at 6am and waking up the SLT's and we head off on the trip. So keep us in your thoughts and may it all go swimmingly. The weather looks like it could be decent. So hopefully that works out.. and in other news... time for bed!

Good night,

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hike filled few weeks

Greetings and felicitations once more!

So last week was the 40k two day trip into and out of the lower stein valley..

then we did some trail maintenance up the mountain here at camp..

staff training has been happening this week so I've been helping out with that when I'm around..

and since when we were hiking the Stein we discovered that the ferry will be down for maintenance the week of our out-trip with the SLT's we pre-tripped another hike this tues-wednesday doing another 40k 2 day trip in Manning Park. Starting by hiking to and past the Four Brothers peaks. Alpine hiking.. then descending to Nicomen Lake.. where we had a crazy cool hail storm in the evening (that what the pic is from) .. then more descending to Grainger Camp on the Hope Pass trail that was used back in the day between Hope and Penticton.

All in all it's been a great work out. My feet have been a little weary from the long hikes but the new boots are working out great and I've changed my foot wear so so far no heel issues!

And the coolest thing I've ever done with a soccer ball happened yesterday when me and a couple guys here were juggling between sessions.. the ball was kicked to me and I converted it's forward momentum upwards with a header and then settled it by heading it a couple more times on top of my head.. then I managed to keep it up there for a couple seconds by moving around under it before flicking it off to the side and off my foot. So yeah.. it was pretty sweet and lots of fun. Didn't really expect it to happen either so bonus!

Gotta jet,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summer starts

And with it? Limited internet access. So yeah.. I'll try to check and respond to emails when I'm able.

In other news.. just spent 2 days in the Stein Valley. One day hiking in and one day hiking out. It was very sweet. I'll try to get a picture up as well..

Gotta jet,