Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventures can be close to home...

sometimes it's as simple as looking down
Screen full of awesome
Paths of humans, machines, and coyotes

sometimes it's looking up
Pink on Blue
Sky cloud and wires

sometimes walking with family
Where creek meets sea

sometimes with friends
He's such a poser 2
"Pretend your surfing and pointing at the camera"

sometimes with natural objects
Tree Halo

sometimes with man-made ones
Raven's Cry Theater Halo

and sometimes on your own

but every time it is with one's willingness to go out with camera in hand.
All of these photos were taken on the small coastline I live on.
To me this is home. This is where I grew up. This is where my family grew up.
Many people who grow up here actually see it as rather boring.
The same day after day.

But everywhere is foreign and exotic to the vast majority of people on the earth.

So go out with camera in hand and see this foreign wonderful world we get to walk.
Where you live is foreign to me. Even if you live next door.

You have a very unique perspective.
You live in a foreign place.

I don't see what or how you see,
unless you're willing to share it with us.

For those that do, I thank you.
For those who haven't yet, I invite you to.

It is a world of wonders simply complex.

~ The Maplemusketeer


Kara said...

I have noticed the EXACT same thing. People really overlook the simplest things in life, but a photographer fixes that.

The world is beautiful, no matter where you are.

I live in a small town. Very unheard of. I will admit, there are not many things to do around here. If you want something to do, you have to drive 30 minutes into the city. Even then, people still find it boring. I believe that boredom is brought upon yourself due to lack of open-mindedness.

I love where I live. Every once in a while, I need a change. Everyone does! But, it gives me a reason to want to go out and explore what I haven't seen yet.

Great blog and the pictures are beautiful. Keep doing what you do. You're definitely an inspiration to me.

Jody & Melissa said...

love your words, jordan. and the photos are gorgeous. you have such a great perspective.

Jordan said...

Kara - Yes yes! :D Your small town is completely unknown to me. ;) It is foreign and odd! lol And I look forward to seeing more from your neck of the woods! :D :D

Jody & Melissa! - Thank you very much!! :D Thanks for comments! We should go for a photo adventure soon! :D lol :D

I hope you all are having great days! :)

GF Girl said...

Love the photo of the puppy!