Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach Redux

This trip is an annual expedition that my friend Karsten and I go on. A pilgrimage of sorts to the end of the world. The real west coast. To drive west from Victoria and into the primeval land of giant trees and mossy undergrowth. To go where there is nothing but sea betwixt us and Japan.

Plus we also always try to bring someone who's never been there before!

Welcome to Botanical Beach. A UNESCO protected site.

At the front line of where the island meets the sea you get to discover and climb around on all sorts of geologic evidence of upheaval and history

The forest takes on many faces as well as the trees grow and twist about based upon the influence of location

Tall trees and cliffs stand alongside shelves of stone riddled with tidal pools only accessible during lower tides

The tidal pools teem with all sorts of marine life from grasses and fish to multi-spine covered sea urchins. (The purple spikey things ;) )

Seagulls and sealions seen on the shoreline

and even a black bear decided to amble by and see what was on the menu. Remember the purple spikey sea urchins in the tidal pool?

Well black bears like to eat'em ;)

All in all it was a fantastic and memorable trip to one of my favourite places I've had the delight to get to discover and I'm very much looking forward to what this weekend's adventure on Vancouver Island will reveal!

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