Saturday, September 30, 2006

On my out the door..

Riding a ferry.. meeting friends in the city.. staying in Abby overnight.. maybe watching a little Bride & Prejudice... heading to camp tomorrow.

Here's a thought to leave with.. a visual in your head if you will....

Giant Pandas playing Mini-golf.


Friday, September 29, 2006

What Kind of Beer are you?

Here's my result. First time.

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.
Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.
When you drink, you tend to become a bit of a know it all - especially about subjects you don't know well.
But your friends tolerate your drunken ways, because you introduce them to the best beers around.

And for dinner some of my mom's homemade clam chowder.. so good.
Updated Winter Beard Score.. 4 votes for, 1 vote against. The beard is growing as we speak. Perhaps a viking costume for Halloween?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ok so I guess people who feel that life is standard and boring and same ol' same can come here to read about my exploits and adventures and feel that stuff is different. And the same.

So included in this itinerary are:
Egmont Exploits,
New Plans,
Beard Farming (as my bro calls it)

Egmont Exploits
So... my brother and I finally made it up to the old house in Egmont on friday. And then the quasi relatives showed up with 4+ friends for a weekend of partying/fun. So that altered the plans a bit. These quasi relatives (my mom's cousin's husband's cousin's sons) are the guys I met that other time up at the cabin. Nice guys. Good guys. And the one brother called to make sure I was bringing my guitar cause he thinks very highly of my ability. (Of course he's never heard me when he's sober but maybe that's neither here nor there).

So Friday night my brother was staying in the cabin sketching and I went over to appease the group with some guitar before leaving to sleep, as we (my bro and I) were getting up at 7am for some hiking through the bush. Well those guys are very generous with their food and drinks and after some consumption of libations and bbq I called it a night. Having played through my songbook.

On my way to the cabin I took a plastic bag and filled it with rocks of various sizes to throw off the cabin porch into the ocean. Why? To watch them glow. Because of bioluminescence. The plankton in the water. We threw rocks off for awhile. I went and got more rocks 2 more times after the first. And we saw a really bright shooting star. It was really good.

The morning broke and we wolfed down some grub and started walking. We found many useful short cuts through the woods rather than walking down the road. There are a number of useful old skidder roads and other evidence of the history of the area. My grandpa hand logged in the area. His dad hand logged in the area too. You know those old pictures of guys with the really long sawblades? That's hand logging. So we hiked up to Klein Lake and went past it to another old trail. We climbed out to a ridge and looked down over Ruby Lake, Sakinaw Lake, and area. We took pictures. We hiked back. All in all we were out hiking/walking around for 7 hours. It was a good day and when we got back the other people were starting to get geared up for their festivities.. They'd caught a ling cod and pulled the prawn traps. The bbq was fired up and they got me to play songs again and my bro to bring out his art book. Good time. Good night. Voice quite sore by the end. Croaking.

The next day we hung around the house taking pictures and I sat writing out by the point. I mostly watched the ocean and birds and the scenery. Lots of Kingfishers and Herons.

The next day we hiked out to the Skookumchuck and visited the Egmont Museusm where we looked at our family's pages, and saw many interesting pictures of my relatives at different ages. There was even a very funny picture that is somewhat embarrassing for my grandpa. When he ran his ship up on some rocks. Then Dave figured he's accomplished all he'd wanted to and we arranged to be picked up the next day.

New Plans
So it looks like before I go to Quadra I'll be swinging back through Hope. A friend was trying to track me down while I was in Egmont (a tricky proposition) and so when I got back to my mom's house I found the evidence of her attempts and contacted camp. So they're a little short staffed and offered to employ my services if I were so inclined. I thought about it last night and next monday I'll be there once again to lead activities and do other assorted things. Looks like around 3 weeks of work. Then I'll see what's up and maybe continue on to Quadra Island. Though I think I'll swing there via Victoria next trip.

Beard Farming

Beard Farming is what my brother calls it. We've been bouncing the ideas of a little beard contest back and forth. And it's been awhile (3 years?) since I've had a decent beard so I'm thinking about growing one for a bit. Plus I'd still like to be a viking. Except for the raping and the pillaging. And the brutal lifestyle. Pretty much the beards, braids, and boats. And some other things.. the mythology is kinda cool. Anyhoo.. thinking of growing a beard. ;)

For those of you who missed the beard last time around.. here's a pic.
Oh and to be in on the voting you can add your comment as to if you're for or against the beard. So far it's ties at 1 for and 1 against. Comments being. Vikings are cool/look very striking vs It ages you 10 years.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jordan Update Repost

So the roadtrip to Hope and back was sweet.

My bro and I had a good time at our rapid visit to Hope, where we picked up my stuff from camp, connected with a couple people, cruised Yale (yeah baby) and then headed back for the coast.

Highlights are:
Conversations, Breakfast, and playing with Josiah: at Kim and Rob's.
The mist laden forest slopes all around in the beautiful rain.
Crusing Yale with my bro.
Peeing onto the roof of a speeding train.
Othello Tunnels.
So You Think You Can Dance crazy repeat in Abbotsford (dude crunched his head).
The Carpeted Bathroom.
All in all sweet roadtrip with my brother.

So tomorrow we head for Egmont for a week. We're going to hike the old hills, and my bro's gonna get ready for his next show.

Then up to Quadra. Living with the wolves. With a side stop at a place to put a roof on a house. Looks like an adventure ahead. But feel free to email me or whatevs.. or if you're ever in the area? ;)

Ciao for now,
may you have good days,

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Different Photos Different Results

So celebrity face match up's eh? After doing it once with the one photo (last post) I decided to try it again with a couple more pictures.. to test out the results. I'm not sure why this time most of the matches were with female faces.. perhaps because my eyebrows are arched? Hmmmmmm. Oh well. I'll take it. ;) So here's Face Recognition #2.

Hey there's two guys there.

Wow this is clearly bang on, cutting edge technology.
So here's the next go at it.

Apparently the program recognizes facial hair and hotness. Hence that plethora of bearded and non-bearded hotties. Wild.

Karl of Austria was Franz Ferdinand's nephew.. and no, not the band.

Ok so the quest for 1 repeat match has thus far proven fruitless. But I've not given up hope yet! No sirree Bob.

What will it key in on this time? Facial folicular fondness? Glasses? OoOOOoooHhhh wait and see.

Yeah this time it liked the glasses. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Frank Oz. You know who he is, you just don't know it yet. If you really don't know him then check him out.

MyHeritage - genealogy software with facial recognition technology

This time no girls. But a Priest and a President apparently. Hmmmmm.. Alyssa Milano is still my top match at %80 eh? I think the credibility of this program can start to be questioned now.

Ok here's number 4.. still no match...

Ok so his names really Sean Astin. He was good in LoTR, great in Rudy, truly memorable in Goonies.. but I loved him in 50 First Dates. So good. ;) And I look like Panama dictartor general dude? Huh.. I seriously never saw that one coming.... I think I have more incommon with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Ok one more and then it's off to bed. Please let there be a match! Restore my faith in online computer screwy things!

MyHeritage Celebrity Look-alikes

Sweet merciful crap! My faith in the internet is once more restored to it's highly elavated stature. Oh and if you don't see how these match that's cause you have to look at the first one I did on the previous post to this one. Well phew, I'm right tuckered out and it's time for me to hit the hay.

Y'all have a good time now ya hear?
Uncle Jordan

ps so my hightest match is Alyssa Milano. There ya go. The internet said it so it must be right.

Oh and for those that want to know how greatness follows certain days? Well a year previous to me, to the day, Nelly Furtado was born. A year after me, to the day, Britney Spears was born. Greatness is birthed on December 2nd. For more December 2nd coolness.. click here.

Now sleep beckons.. and I accept!

reAlity HideS bEhind THe ordinarY

Reality hides behind the ordinary. And it's really quite mysterious, fascinating, and frightening. It's often amusing, sometimes unfortunate (from our personal, purposeful bias), and right there in front of us behind the obvious, ordinary routine.

I don't spend much time in Vancouver. I've been there a bit now and then. Two friday's in a row now I've ended up catching the noon o'clock ferry in. Last night I went to a good friend's party with good friends. And other people who I didn't know upon entry but seem like good people. Based upon several hours of association, tempered with the knowledge that as the evening progressed the observations where tinged by the effects of alcohol. It was an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable evening. At one point someone asked where I was staying. I didn't know. I found a place to sleep last night. At one point it was time to leave and so I assisted my friend Zach in the quest to get home safely. He said I could stay at his house. He was rather.. wobbly. So he knew where we were going and I saw that we got there safely. If you're going to err on missing the sidewalk, walk on the lawn, not the road.

Then this morning I ended up riding downtown to go sailing. Then I didn't go (sailing that is). So I caught a bus back to North Van. Then I caught a couple buses to the ferry. Here's 3 things I noticed on my 3 times going down the same road this morning.

That Oasis car wash. That's cool.
There are a number of outdoor stores in North Van.
There is a store that sells household stuff.. shelving I think... and other odds and ends. And it's called Hidden Treasures. Does no one else find this odd? There's a large sign out front inviting people in to check out the "Hidden Treasures". Well they're really not that well "hidden" with the large sign out front. What a hilarious name. Is that irony? I don't know. I think it's silly. That's like kicking someone's ass in the name of non-violence. The idea's there. Kinda.....

Ahsta lasagna,

Oh and I went and got some hairs cut the other day. Went to the old Sechelt Barber. He's known around here as "Bob the Butcher". How's that for an epithet? Anyhoo.. he's a good guy. The price is right. And I walked in and he remembered me. Which I thought was quite impressive as I haven't been around for a number of years. Good guy, Bob. If you're looking for a haircut in Sechelt. He's a nice guy. You might not be huge on the hair cut.... but he's a great guy!

Oh and a buddy of mine sent me his little celebrity look alike dealy.. so here's mine. Perhaps I should try a different picture?

MyHeritage - treasure your family history

Friday, September 15, 2006

Back to your original program.. already in progress

Hmmm.... sometimes I feel like my life is in neutral. I'm waiting for something to happen. I have some plans ahead but I'm not there yet. I'm still here. Waiting. And I don't really do waiting well. I find it somewhat boring and distressing. And yet it is where I am at this time. There are lots of things I *could* do. But they aren't what I'm doing. Which is not much. Lacking routine and schedule I find it very easy to allow the days to slip by. This is unfortunate because I almost want to do something about it. But not enough to do something. But it's building to a head. I can only stand so much of it. It wasn't sposed to be this way. Some plans fell through, some were delayed. And I know my mom likes having me hang around here and help out. But it's weird coming home without purpose. Sometimes it feels like a regression. And I feel like I'm a teenager at home again. Sitting in front of the computer and watching TV. What happened to the me from only a month ago? The guy who liked to hike? Or a year ago? Instead I've morphed into couch potato again. Well... I guess there's something here for me to deal with and look at. At least yesterday I managed to bust out of the mold and go for a walk. And the day before I had a great conversation with a guy I'd just met. So good things are happening.. to break up the monotony.

Yesterday I hiked up to the radio tower up behind our old house, and I walked down below in the new construction site in front of our old house. It rained, which was very nice cause it's been awhile. All in all I walked/hiked for a little under 2 hours. And I enjoyed it. I like doing things like that. I find the consistent part difficult. I found a pocket knife around the house to take with me in case I ran into a cougar. I didn't. But I did see some buzzards circling high over head where I was going.. and then found copious piles of bear crap on the path (8-9 piles.. old). I saw a snake. It made me jump only a little. I passed some elk scat.. apparently they're using our old toboggan hill to walk up.

I guess really I'm just struggling with a bit of depression and being all by myself after being surrounded by a community of friends. So I need to move my butt and take that bull be the horns.. so I'm going to go walk down by the beach... cause I like that.

Later gators!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Response to a friend on The Limitation of Recorded Converastion and Attempts to Define Self.

So the following is a follow up response to an email I received from an old friend. We'd recently reconnected online (MSN Messenger) and had a great dialogue. Afterwards I sent him the text of our conversation as a lark. He responded with the following:
Good God! after reading the transcript i felt that our realities collided multiple times but never stood on the same path; it was almost as if we were talking to ourselves but for brief periods we heard each other. (very awkward reading but i got more from it by reading it over). Thanks for sending that- interesting.
What follows is my response:
It is pretty crazy reading! There's quite a difference between being in the conversation and reading the conversation. The overlap of questions and answers really is quite apparent in the reading (creating a disjointed dialogue) but seemed more flowing in my recollection of the conversation. While conversing it was as if both conversations where happening at the same time (which they were) yet the written recording of the conversation forces the two flowing discussions into one disjointed timeline. This is a wonderful example of a limitation in written recording. Imagine if you had 4 windowns open and conversations going in all of them. Each conversation with 1 or 2 discussion threads. That means there are between 4 and 8 threads being followed at that point in time. 8 threads being juggled in "reality". Being experienced and expressed at that time. Now what if all of those conversations were put onto one transcript according to time of post. The words would be recorded, but is the conversation itself lost? For the words do not really carry the meaning of shared dialogue that is built and shaped as the discussion evolves. Discussion is more than words. Words are more than letters. Letters are more than squiggles. And so the truth and reality cannot be transfered fully to the page. This is a limitation of writing. This is a limitation with attempting to transfer "Truth" as learned through discussion and verbal/experiential teachings to the page. This is part of the reason using written words (collected wisdom) to proclaim "The Truth" greatly discomforts me. They are the recording in part, not the thing itself. Much like a photograph only captures certain visual elements of a scene, leaving out the other aspects apparent to our senses, so does a written transcript of something heard/learned/experienced only record a limited aspect of the entire teaching. So what are these words? I see writing on the pages as lines and squiggles. The lines and squiggles however, form words, which are attached to concepts, which can be connected to attempt to describe greater things; as metaphor's alluding to Truth. One can use these words as part of a discussion or dialouge. Words and the concepts built around them can act as an invitation to that which is beyond. In this way perhaps the greater truth can be sought out and interacted with? Well this is a thought in progress.. tell me what you think? Perhaps we can discuss it? ;)
He ended his email with the following thought to discuss:
If it takes everything external of me to define myself.. am i not everything? - generalized thought of the day
There are lots of places to go pondering on that one... here's where I went.
Is it the external that defines? or one's relationship and interaction with the apparent external perception internalized?
No one else can define you, only you define or hold to who you have inaccurately defined yourself as. (Though you may give strength by believing in the false attempts at definitions by external sources, the choice to accept the false definition lays with you.)

And "everything" is a lot, does your question presuppose that we are at some level aware of everything? from which we define our relationship?

Or are you looking at the idea that one could not fully define oneself unless one were to fully know everything else and therefore one's place in relation to everything else?

And by define are you using it in a definitive sense (absolute) or partial (parameters)?

Perhaps a good question to ask is "can one define oneself?" I lean towards no. But I would say that one can express oneself.

• verb
1 state or describe the exact nature or scope of.
2 give the meaning of (a word or phrase).
3 mark out the limits or outline of.
— DERIVATIVES definable adjective definer noun.
— ORIGIN Latin definire, from finire ‘finish’.

Do you believe one can state or describe the exact nature or scope of whom self is? Would that not require a full knowledge and awareness of self? Full physical, mental, emotional, and meta-physical (spiritual) knowledge? Or do you use define in the other sense meaning to contain, or create demarcations and limitations on who/what "self" is? In essence a definition of an incomplete nature, a construct of self, a pseudo-self. Which is not self. :)

Now expression of self? I think that's more attainable.

• verb 1 convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct. 2 squeeze out (liquid or air).
— DERIVATIVES expresser noun expressible adjective.
— ORIGIN Old French expresser, from Latin pressare ‘to press’.

I like the relation between expression and air. Breathing. Living, Expressing. In some faiths breath is synonymous for spirit. So I wonder as well, about the connection with expression being the process of living and sharing fully of who/what/where one is. What do you think? C'mon, express yourself! ;)

Gotta jet,Wish you well with your reading,

Parting thought.. rather than trying to figure out who you are by attempting to define yourself could you rather learn more about who you are through the process of expression and observing what you create/birth/bring forth?

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Day In The Life... wild fridays

This update contains:
Jordan's possibly going to Japan and the Pacific for almost 2 months in the New Year,
Application form adventures,
The Delivery Quest.
+ a sweet PS da resistance!

So my possibly going to Japan and more? Well when I was in Egmont last weekend my friend Mr.T sent me information on an interesting program. It's called Ship For World Youth and it's aims/objectives are

· To foster the spirit and practice of international cooperation
· To promote friendship and mutual understanding between the youth of Japan and the youth of other parts of the world
· To broaden the international awareness of participants
· To develop youth capable of playing leading roles in various sectors of their societies and in turn contribute to the sound development of youth in their respective countries

It's funded by the Japanese Gov't. It's for people aged 18-30. Canada gets to send 10 delegates. And the application was due today by 4:30pm in Vancouver. But lets not get ahead of ourselves yet....

Application form adventures
So you have to send in a filled out application. But you can only fill the application out on the computer. And you can't save it. And we don't have a printer here. So... I typed up my answers to the questions the other night and attempted to find access to a computer with a printer. First I went to my step sister's house. Cause they have those things. But not only does the computer have a printer and internet connection. It also has loads of malware causing it to frequently freeze up and run incredibly slowly! So after attempting twice last night to get it done there, I sorrowfully said sayonara. I then called up my old friends the de Jongs and used their computer. Success! Printed out well and part 1 was done.

Now at this junction some of you may be wondering.. Jordan Jordan why wait until the day before to do this crucial step? Well.. I still needed a reference. Shortly after receiving the first email from Mr.T, I responded with a request for him to fill out the reference form for me. Which he did very promptly, after his return from vacation. ;) So that was sent to my gmailbox this morning by 7:30am when I checked. Of course now I needed to find a printer again. My mother, who is so knowledgable, told me to go to the Sechelt Library cause you can print stuff there cheap. So I went there. They opened at 10am. I was in and out. 4 minutes and 20 cents and it was done. Lick envelope and send it off to Vancouver. Except how? Well I'd thought a courier would work. So I went to where the courier used to be. Where the internet said one would be. It was no longer there. Hmmmm. So I went to my step-sister's in-law's buisness (cause we're like family right?) and enquired upon couriers. They told me there was one (Purolator) across the street and one (DHL) up across from Big Mac's. So I crossed the street. My enquiry upon possible courieage was going well when he said "it'll be there by monday". Not good. Was there anyway it could get sent there for today by 4:30 pm? "Nope" Ok. So I was driving home when I thought.. I'm not going to give up yet. I should go check the other place. The one across from Big Mac's. DHL. I asked there. They laughed. Not a chance. Unless you want to take it there yourself. Hmmm. His tone seemed to say "you silly man-child with poor planning skills, you are So Outta Luck" (also known as S.O.L.). Hey my planning skills are good. The circumstances left me in this situation. So I went to my even better skills. Adaptability. And flying by the seat of my worn our North Face shorts which are starting to come apart in the crotch.. and the seat.. and there's already a hole in one pocket.... anyhoo... back to the narrative already in progress.

The Delivery Quest

Homeward I came. Mind spinning with the challenge that lay before me. I came home and informed my mom of the good and bad news. Good news. Free 1/2hr of internet usage at the library and only 20cents a page for printing. Bad news. Can't courier it into town for today. So I looked around and used what was on hand. My mom's friend Jimmy. $10 later and I was on my way towards Langdale and the 12:20pm ferry (ok it's a pic from the spring). My Mom's lovely mexican carrying cotton bag across my shoulded jammed full with books, thermos of hot water, guampa, bombillia, mate, and hoody (in case of inclement weather). And the envelope. I caught that ferry and rode it to Horseshoe bay. I caught that bus (Horseshoe Bay Express) and rode it downtown. I walked 3 blocks (or 4) and waited 1/2 an hour (there was a line up and I didn't mind waiting). I handed in my completed application at 2:30ish. I still had 18 minutes on my transfer. So I walked another 3 blocks and hopped on the Sea Bus to the Londsdale Quay (pronouced Key for those that don't know). I sat out in the sun on the wooden decking perched over top the surging seas alongside the numerous tug boats and their bawdy operators (whom looked to be having quite the fun). I filled up my guampa, and I drank deeply of the yerba. I read. I watched the people scurry about. I watched the 2 cute germans who decided to sun tan 7 feet from me on the deck. And it was good. Job done and chillaxing in North Van. Then my friend Jen showed up (whom I'd contacted earlier... clever eh?) and we hung out for a couple hours before she gave me a rapid ride to the 5:40ish boat. Caught ferry. Caught bus on other side. Got dropped off at top of road. Darkened the doorway at 7:40ish to an awaiting bowl of my mom's fabulous clam chowder and home made biscuits.

Then I typed this up.

So that was this days adventure. So maybe I'll make it to round 2. The Phone Interviews... Finalists will be emailed Sept 12th to confirm for phone interview on Sept 16 or 17th. So I should find out about this by the 12th. So that would be.. Tuesday!


PS Oh and a tribute picture to Mr.T who sent me the info in the first place.... cause I gots skills. I call it Ronny T. And he's INVINCIBLE. I pity the foo who tries to get 'tween this sucka and the net! (All I have on this comp is paint)

(And may I draw your attention to the new link on the right that goes to my new blog site.. basically just a place to put my doctored photos)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lots of kms, prawns, and ocean

In this installment of CTFD (Coastal Temperate Forest Dweller) I invite you to learn of my past looong weekend. This edition contains....

Going to the old family stomping grounds (Egmont)
Meeting new old family members and associates
Unintended Pub Performance
Mom (of FishingForCod) Likes Her Fishing...

So.. on with the show

Going to the old family stomping grounds (Egmont)

Thursday morning I drove my brother to the Langdale ferry and stopped in to say hi to my grampa. I was going to pop in for a brief visit however I ended up staying until almost 5pm (I dropped my brother off for the 12pm) and instead of returning to pick him up the next morning or having him drive up to Sechelt we just left together that night. The next day we drove up to Egmont and met up at the old house with my mom and Tom who'd brought the boat up from Sechelt. It's been many years since I was last at the old Egmont house. It's owned by my mom's cousins cause it's their old house. The house my mom grew up in is next door. Other people live there now. In fact, as we were returning along the coast from one of our fishing trips my mom started naming off all of the relatives who used to live in which house. It was pretty cool.

Meeting new old family members and associates

So my mom, Tom, and grandpa went to visit a guy down the beach and I was left to watch the dog. I sat down and cracked open my book to read but Kato (the coolest dog) wanted to go for a walk. I resisted the beast for a few minutes.. but then I took him for a walk. We went for almost an hour and a half. I don't think Kato is used to walking that far.. the tongue was hanging out. He was no longer trying to drag me up the hills. It was a great walk and I was expecting to return to my mom and Tom waiting for us. Instead I returned to see some people I didn't know unloading stuff. But they'd moved on into one of the buildings there so I went back down to the dock to unclip Kato, let him drink some water, and read. Well these guys turned out to be my mother's cousin's husband's brother's sons. I think that's right. So hey we're related and I hopped into their boat to go drop some prawn traps and drink some beers. We then went into Egmont proper to hang out with some other guys from around there. They had this "Salmon Ginger" stuff. After investigative tasting some doubt had been cast upon the contention that the canning contained any salmon. No doubt that it had ginger! It was quite lovely, excellent, ginger tasting, but the salmon? No clue. I don't even think there was really salmon, and if there was? They've committed one of the greatest offences in my books. Mistreating eating salmon. Salmon tastes so good as salmon. Don't be too aggresive with the flavouring! Hello! Feel free to accentuate if you must. A little lemon on it on the BBQ? Beauty! A little pepper? No problem. Totally dominate the taste with some cream spread? Some ginger concoction? Blasphemy. I'm not a violent man. But dominating the salmon gets me right riled. So be forewarned. Treat the fish right.

Anyhoo.. so I met the brothers, and other family. One bro (we'll call him D) went down early with the excuse of "Jet Lag" as he'd recently returned from a trip to Turkey. That was ok. But the rest of us hung out with a little fire on the patio, some fresh cod (lemon, a little dusting of bread, corn meal, and whatever else my mom uses to accentuate the experience) some red wine, white wine, beer, some of us did these wonderful shooters with Sambuca, Tequila, and Irish Cream. So good. (please remember to drink responsibily) and it was a good evening of chillaxation.

Saturday was much like Friday. We did some yardwork, kicked around the hacky sack (ok I did... as the youngest present it was important that I did some zany things) and I was going to drive Gramps home and stay in Sechelt. Till Uncle Bob (Wilson) not Uncle Bob (Gill) told me I had to be back for dinner. So I drove Gramps back to Gibsons (he of course had to go plunk around the garden and return with several cucumbers to take back up ;) ) then cruised back to Egmont. Saturday night after we ate dinner we watched some of my Africa experience DVD. And then tried to wake up "jet lag" brother. He'd been up that day earlier and had decided to lay down after dinner (8:30-9pm?). Of course his brother and I were going to head over to the Backeddy Pub to check out the live music and see what was happening. We tried to wake him up but he said he'd stay at home. Of course this sleepyness had alot more to do with the tequila they'd been drinking earlier that day up the inlet at a guys place they knew up there. And apparently there was a rather fetching french-canadian girl up there too. But I didn't inquire too heavily and we left D on the couch and headed for the Backeddy

Unintended Pub Performance

So we arrived around 10:40 to find out that Niel MacKenzie, who was that evening's performer, had already packed up as it was fairly dead. Basically there was my ?cousin?, the chef, his fiance, Niel, Iris (the waitress), and myself. So we were having some more soda pops and Niel decided to take out his guitar and give us a little performance. We were talking around the table and figuring out who was who when the ?cousin? mentioned that my grandfather was Ben Vaughan. Well it turns out that when Colleen (chef's fiance) was a little girl they got their kitten from my grandpa and named it Ben Vaughan. Small world when in idle conversation you discover that this person you've never met had a cat named after your grandfather... ;) So then the chef, Kelly, made some comment and Niel offered the guitar but Kelly turned it down. So I figured "what the hell" and asked if I could have a go. Well I did and even though I didn't have my song book or really remember a whole lot they were all pretty impressed (to my suprise). It was quite the rocking fun though. And Kelly asked me if I'd be interested in playing at their wedding. Well I don't know about that, but it was a nice offer. Well at 1pm we shut it down and were gonna head back when a fellow who'd turned up near the end by the name of Mushroom Mark invited us to his place for a couple more beers. So we walked to his sweet set up. He's a waiter up at the fancyish wilderness resort there in town and they let him set up his little casa down by the water. It was mostly just framed up with scrap wood and some lower sheets of wood for the bottom half of the wall and then surrounded with mosquito netting and stuff like that. It was very cool, very neat. It almost had an arabic tent feel to it. Very roomy and with a hammock to sit on and some stools. I think Mushroom Mark would get along with my friend Troy pretty well. They're both pretty ingenius when it comes to accomodations. Then in conversation with Mark I discovered that he knew another friend of mine who lived a bunch of years in Whistler (Pemberton). So we got back to the house around 2:30. It was a good day and I hit the pillow thankful for a good nights sleep. Until....

Mom (of FishingForCod) Likes Her Fishing...

On account of Tom's starting work early in the morning him and my mom are both rather earlyish risers. So they got up Sunday morning and went out fishing. And she'll probably write about it on her blog, but the short of it is that she caught a decently huge cod (18lbs) and was so excited that she of course had to come and wake me up and drag me down to the float to see it before Tom cleaned it. It was a pretty sweet fish. And I was awake.

So yah.. all in all it was a great weekend. Lots of family, cod, prawns, beer, wine, laughs, and great weather.

Funny Quote comes from the older of the brothers after we got back from the first pub night "I totally misjudged you, I thought you were like a boyscout leader, but you can really hold your liquor !" I'm not too sure what that all is sposed to mean but I found it amusing and complimentary I suppose. Be carefuly with judgements.. they can bite you in the arse. ;)

Gotta jet,
Ciao for now,