Thursday, May 26, 2011

Places I've Wandered - Ledgeview pt.2

And now.. the conclusion of our Ledgeview Adventure (Part 1 here) aka Getting Out Alive!

We last left our intrepid adventurers looking out over the Sumas Prairie

Having climbed beyond the top of McKee Hill, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, my longtime friend Papa Theo was going to use his old memories from his mountain biking days to lead us down off of the hill through routes not recently travelled; by him. But travelled often by mountain bikes and people on them!

Join me as we make our way off of the hill.

A Plant I've Encountered:Giant Fawn Lily on the side of the trail.

The diversity of biospheres on this hill amazed me. As different factors like rain water, exposure to the sun, etc allowed for different plants to grow in different places.

Truly a tortuous trail down, up, and around

for the mountain bikers do love to ride down with speed and over and around.. and off of things

The sun lit our path and called us on through trees, branches, and shadows, criss crossed above

We came across another grove of Devil's Club with stalks well over 6 feet tall

I suspect the troublesome foliage alongside the path poses a great incentive to not wipe out

A cyclist cruises by and beyond.. still we continue on.. not knowing what awaits around the next bend

A big drop in the distance

And then we encountered some very healthy stinging nettle

Theo noticed evidence of a wipeout alongside the trail's edge after a jump..

and then reenacted the likely incident...

Here's a front-on view of a jump..

And a side view

still descending and the forest changes yet again..

till we find the original wide path we walked up earlier

continuing down to the entrance/exit

and we emerge unscathed but wiser from our expedition upon McKee Hill...

Some parting thoughts.. blah blah blah journey blah blah blah friendship blah blah destination.

But really? Yes.. exactly. I suspect that history and the passage of time will continue the process already started in my memory and hindsight. It wasn't about the destination, the top of the hill or the view. It wasn't what was said as I remember some of the words and the things discussed, but they too will likely fade with time. The memory is of the doing. Of the being outdoors with my good friend. Of walking beside him and laughing and sharing of our stories and fears and past year. Ledgeview on McKee Hill really is a beautiful and wonderfilled place that I feel privileged to have wandered and explored. But more so than that I am privileged to have a friend like Papa Theo to walk alongside.

May you all have wonderfilled ambles and friends to walk alongside.
The Maplemusketeer

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MOMMYCAT3 said...

lovely pictures ...and story........
one you will always remember.........
thanks so very much for sharing....