Tuesday, May 10, 2011

With humility, wisdom

With humility, wisdom

We want to scale peaks, do great works, shake the foundations of the earth...
yet are not willing to climb a staircase, stir from an arm chair, walk around a corner.

We want to photograph wonders in distant lands, towers that reach the sky, fields as far as the eye can see..

but fail to look down at the beauty of a moment's water pooled and held aloft by the organic structure of a blade of grass. Linear tenuous beauty in the blade. Surface tension of the drops held aloft.

Perhaps our every moment is tinged with the promise of the momentous.
Perhaps our every action straddles the divide between nothing and something.

Perhaps it is that you ARE great. You DO powerful things.
But you know them not.

I see.
I believe.

You are great my friends. You do powerful things.
Your actions and choices have impact.
Your creations speak and live.
You live. I live. We live.

The great exists in the small.
Eternity in a moment.
Magic in the mundane.

You are scaling peaks and challenging dragons.
It is called life.
It is paying bills and mowing lawns.
It is arguing and hurting and learning.

It is life.
See the unicorn or the narwhal.
In either see the beauty and the wonder.


Single and Picky said...

Makes me want to hug you *squish*

Jordan said...

:D which of course means that you are also getting a hug as well! *squish*

You do great things Ladyfriend!
ps also looking forward to next round! haha :D

ShutterBug Photography said...

You sir, are a lyrical badass! Loved this blog, loved it ! A lot of inspiration!

MOMMYCAT3 said...

big big squishy hug.....my dear friend.........I so enjoy reading and viewing your pictures............
we all inspire each other...........
your nature........Pictures ..
inspires me........to be a better photographer..........:)

ClaireBear said...

lovely :)

Jordan said...

Thank you so much for your comments!