Friday, July 29, 2011

Potpourri of Pictures

From 2011-07-29

Yes.. the G+ Beast has engaged me in a dance and caused me to grapple with the ramifications. So my apologies for the break in posting. Here are a potpourri of photos that I've posted there, as I head back again into the breach to wrestle and adapt to expression and life, feelings of intimidation and fear, growth and wonder. :D

Thank you my friends for your support and encouragement through it all :)
The Maplemusketeer

Flight/Drift, Aloft/Afloat

From 2011-07-29

When I saw (the photo above) I was just overwhelmed with how many stories and paths joined... there in the water a feather lodged in an oak leaf to create this new entity that existed in this new environment for them both. And while each item may have been unnoticed as a part of their greater origin here they were together, the stars of their own moment.

Perspective of a LandDweller

From 2011-07-28

If any other person were to take a moment to slip into our brain (ala Being John Malkovich) and see our blessings and wonders, our struggles and trials, what would they think? Would they see the great things, the gifts, the opportunities and positive relationships that empower? Can we bring that awareness into our own lives? I think it's worth trying ;)

Have you seen through a seagull's nostril?
From 2011-07-26

You have now ;)
New opportunities and never seen sights surround us all the time. But sometimes we have a hard time remembering they're there. At least I do.

All Washed Up?
From 2011-07-26

Bull kelp and other seaweed clumped and washed ashore at Long Beach, BC, Canada.
Some could interpret this as the end of the road for the seaweed. As if it were garbage, detritus, castoff, waste. I would suggest that if they looked deeper they would see an invaluable source of nutrients to the intertidal zone. A source of potential and growth for all that lines the seashore.. beauty.

Every new day starts in the dark

From 2011-07-28

and the sun rises on another opportunity; a new adventure begins...


Andrew F said...

Very cool set of photos. I particularly like the one of the guy in the bubble.

Jordan said...

Thank you so much for your feedback Andrew! I really appreciate it! :D And your site looks awesome!