Friday, July 08, 2011

An Adventurous Day

I woke up at 6:45 this morning, set the table for breakfast, ate breakfast, prepared my tea, and was out the door at 7:30am to meet Chris Mortensen (@chrismortensen) of Lucid Imaging who'd just pulled up in my driveway.

You may be wonder why he was in my driveway.

Well, he'd been hired to shoot a series of staff photos against a green screen and as time drew near the scope of the project grew until he figured a large red-bearded coastal viking would be a capable and amusing assistant for the shoot. ie I can move things around, help with some of the crowd control/amusement, and help with light meter readings, and other odd little jobs as they'd arise around the area we'd set up in the businesses factory/assembly location.

And it was a cool set-up. The green screen was lit with 4 flashes bouncing off of umbrellas, we had a softbox of sorts providing light on the subjects, then Chris was set up on his tripod in front of a large sheet we'd hung to diffuse the light bouncing off of the flash aimed at a back wall. So I got to learn many many things theoretical as well as practical with the various gear.

It was a great experience. Chris is a wealth of knowledge and I can see why he's in such high demand for shooting weddings around this part of the country. And you guys all get another example of a random adventure/job/experience coming out of the blue to hit me up with a new story. Life is amazing!

May you all have a wonderfilled weekend!
The Maplemusketeer

ps I'll also be ending up with a few photos of me in front of the green screen that we snapped before we broke everything down. Who knows what kind of places I'll find for using those ;)

pps I finally got a laptop (Mac Book Pro) this past week and interwebs is actually getting hooked up in my residence on Monday! The fact that I won't have to go out to find computer and internet for uploading/updating should bode well for all of us ;) :)

ppps here's a non-topically related video I just uploaded to youtube.
It was filmed at Rathtrevor Beach Provinical Park on Vancouver Island on day 2 of our Shorts and Gaiters Inaugural Adventure. We're working towards those pictures on the blog here ;)

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