Friday, July 01, 2011

PIW- Botanical Beach Pt.5 - A Last Dash along the sea

Places I've Wandered - Botanical Beach June 2011 Pt.5 - A Last Dash along the sea

The wise wind-beaten tree had told us of safe passage where the Scotchman hung
Hanging Scotchmen

So we rested and gathered our courage

before preparing to move out
Moving On

under a green branch and protected shore we neared the still water
Reaching Out

harboured from the open sea grasses grew covering what lay beneath

next to the brown pond

the algae bloomed in the brownish calm
Use Care

the outcropping offered safety for a time
Water stone life

but the sea was growing restless

we had avoided it's clutches and best efforts this whole time.. not even the Island Alpinist had had his usual moderate drenching

So with ooze to the left and sea to the right we decided to make way forward
Trickled pattern

A frozen face screamed an eternal warning not to disturb the dragon's eggs...
Eternal bellow

say what?
Oh.. those.
The Rookery
Stone Eggs

A star shone from a sea pool

Waves crashed while small shapes observed from beside

the sea roared in it's attempt to get at us

The Island Alpinist briefly got caught in a pool
but then he escaped.

and we made a break for the cliffs
The Fortress

The walls stood furious

We searched out a ramp when we heard a kelp beast's battle cry
Flow of time and stone

So the Island Alpinist fought with it. And defeated it.
Having defeated the kelp creature

Knowing that there would be more we challenged the rock and left for the forest
Against the flow

Through the Watchers we went
Between the Watchers

and into the woods
Into the Woods they went


Karsten said...

Frick dude, this is most excellent work!

Heather said...

Wow, what a fascinating place! A place that no doubt could suck hours out of your day without you even noticing.

Jordan said...

Thank you so much for your comment Heather! I really appreciate it :D

and yes it can take large chunks of time out of your day but you don't notice and are thankful for the experience ;) a few posts back from this one we encountered a black bear foraging along the sea shore eating sea urchins and such :D

It's glorious this world we wander :)