Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sechelt BC in the Summer - Places I've Wandered

Sechelt BC - Places I've Wanderer

The yerba mate is brewed and the world out the door beckons
Getting ready to ramble, Sechelt BC

I ambled a few driveways down to see what my step-dad was up to. Mi Madre and he had just gotten in from the ocean where they'd taken the boat out to check the crab traps.
Crabs, Sechelt BC

I walked across town to look out at the sea.
Trail Bay Bench, Sechelt BC

Sechelt is on an isthmus. An isthmus being a piece of land that connects an island to the mainland forming a peninsula, in this case the Sechelt Peninsula. So it doesn't take that long to walk across town.

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As the glaciers from the last ice age came through they deposited large amounts of gravel on the hill above where the town now exists. Hence the large gravel pit seen from space on the map. There is a large conveyor built to load the gravel onto barges to be shipped to places as far away as California.
Gravel Loading Platform, Sechelt BC

If you don't want to look at the conveyor you can just look a bit more to the right.
Trail Bay, Sechelt BC

Walk further west along the path and you'll pass a bench. I hardly ever see anyone sit there. Maybe they're paranoid that people who pass behind them would make faces behind their backs. Who would do such a thing?
Bench and Ocean, Sechelt BC

It's a neat little Canadian coastal town.
Back Road, Sechelt BC

And even though it's summer here on the Sunshine Coast we've been getting a bit more rain than usual, but I don't really mind as we do live in a rainforest. It tends to rain in them. Makes tall trees.
Rainy Scene Seen, Sechelt BC

Door to the Sechelt Art Centre
Art Centre Doors, Sechelt BC

Beneath the Power Lines
Beneath the Powerlines, Sechelt BC
near where I saw the coyotes a while ago.

Old Signage, Sechelt BC

Back Street, Sechelt BC


and back to Grandpa's garden
Maple Tree, Sechelt BC

There have been challenges returning to my old hometown to live with Grandpa. It has been a growing time and a stretching time. And I don't regret the decision at all. Though at times it is tough and I miss my friends. Then I go for another walk.

July 1st is Canada Day here in Canada. There are parades and festivities. The usual national huzzah that most nations partake of to foster nationalism. It's enjoyed by many people. But not really my thing. Case in point. I had some friends visiting from out of town so I went to the parade. There were many floats. Lots going on. But I talked with my friends and played a bit with their kids. We made up humourous play-by-play commentary as the parade went by. And I only took one photo. That likely says something about my values and priorities. Here it is.
The Only Photo I took during the Canada Day Parade

another day, another walk. To the sea to dream.
Trail Bay Wharf, Sechelt BC

To juggle the desire for distant shores with being present to where I am right now.
Trail Bay, Sechelt BC

For there is much goodness possible wherever we choose to be

Go well my friends and thank you for your kindness, support, and encouragement

~ The Maplemusketeer


ClaireBear said...

Looks like a beautiful place! The first photo is by far my favorite! Love it. :)

Jordan said...

:D :D :D Thank you! Let me up the wonder for you by sharing that in that photo I am in fact wearing a jean vest (formerly a jean jacket that I modified) which is now officially know as "The Jest" (Jean + vEST). I got it at the VV in Vic for a random costume party. It's from the GAP back in the day. The inside material.. is paisley. :D

Yes. LOL