Friday, July 15, 2011

End of the Line - Friday thoughts and wonders

Life as a Train Ride

I was talking with a fellow creative fellow about life, creative comparisons to other's whose work we highly respect and think looks so amazing, and the occasional feeling of one's work "not being good enough". Heady stuff for a Friday morning. But I am drinking mate so I suppose pondering was bound to happen ;)

Then, as is often the case in my Maplemusketeer world, I felt inspired to find and share a song for Friday. To seek out something to share and find my own answer as well. So I pondered and scanned some youtube. Cleared my mind, drank some tea, and opened myself to the ether. And found some Wilburys. ;) Fairly apt.

Here's a Friday song :) And a thought. Enjoy the journey and acknowledge the process. It's ok :) and really the way things work so might as well not fight it ;)

Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line (Embedding disabled so you'll have to click the link)

A few more thoughts that go along with this:

How much work/life/practice went into this song coming about?
The sum of their lives thus far.

The chair with Roy Orbison's guitar rocking and representing him as he'd sung the vocals but passed away before the video was recorded. His last song. The end of the line for him. But he lives on. He also chased his dreams despite hard times and limited success. What a way to go out. We'll remember Roy.

George Harrison. Goodness. Gone now.

The other's still going on to the end of the line. Rocking and living.

There is a damn fine goodness deep in all of that. So hey.. have a great Friday and live a wonderfilled life :D

I look forward to sharing tea and rocking out a boxcar with all of you one day :D

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