Monday, August 01, 2011

Opportunity scrambles about your window..

This morning I was sitting in my chair with tea having finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes when I heard a disturbance. It sounded like an animal was making a ruckus in the kitchen even though there is no way one could have gotten in there.

Was I going crazy? I pondered the implications, listened to the sounds, and figured out it must be a crow up on top of the skylight!

Grab camera.
Walk over quickly yet non-startlingly stealthy-like.
And look up.

From 2011-08-01

You know what I noticed? The sky light with the sun coming in makes an amazing shot. If I turn it.. just so.. why... it's beautiful.

From 2011-08-01

The point? This is the skylight in the kitchen. I've lived in this house with Grandpa for over a year and a half. I pass under it at least 10 times a day. So in the, at least, 547.5 days that I've been here I've passed it 5475 times.

And today I noticed it in a new way. In a beautiful way.

What is around you that you've never noticed till today?


MOMMYCAT3 said...

wow love cool never know what you will find.............:)

Jordan said...

:D exactly! What a world we wander :D

Chris said...

Perfect! Great shot, great parable. I think that too many of us are too busy naval-gazing to see the many simple and yet beautiful things around us. And too many of us are too grown up, and only give our attention to "sophisticated" things.

This evening, where I saw a cot with a blanket over it, my eight year old daughter saw a spaceship. She teaches me, and so do you.

Mya Jamila said...

That really is beautiful.

macfoto said...

Nice pictures.

Had a similar experience recently created a spiderweb right outside a window, located in just the right place for me to take some pictures of it.

macfoto said...

That would be the spider that created the spiderweb outside the window. :-) As you say it can be rather fascinating what is right close by.

Jordan said...

Chris- I saw the spaceship! Your daughter did a great job! I love the viewscreen! :D

Mya - Thank you as always! :D I'm really liking the series of b&w images from your motorcycle trip! :D

Macfoto- Thank you for your comment! :D I love your story! More so because a spider's web is such a transitory thing.. great job noticing it. Now I wonder what we'll see tomorrow ;) :D

Jordan said...

Macfoto! I just saw that you are in fact Dave! lol :D Hey dude! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :D I hope you're having some good adventures and I look forward to catching up with you sometime :D

macfoto said...

Jordan. I've now posted a couple of the spider pictures.