Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer has arrived!

Many people note the arrival of summer in varying ways. Whether the Canada Day parade on July 1st, the first weekend camping trip, or the first beach fire with guitars playing and friends laughing.

Last night we had a beach fire. Summer has arrived on the Sunshine Coast.

Enjoy :)

Sunshine Coast Beach Fire

the above photo was taken with my point and shoot camera set to "long shutter" mode. I set the camera on a rock with a two second auto-timer so it wouldn't shake when triggering the shot.

Summer Beach Fire with Moon above and Nanaimo across the Strait
After the shutter opened I threw a rock into the fire to set the sparks rising. I took a number of photos getting the setting where I wanted them before getting the boys to stand in place for the 6 second exposure above. They did a great job of staying still despite the fact that the smoke was blowing their way a bit ;)

Longer exposure shots can introduce some fantastic elements of creative time. Here we see "Klaus" from Germany pausing a moment by the fire before continuing on his way.

yep there ya go..
long exposure photos at dusk by a fire.
Sunshine Coast Beach Fire

Let's see you guys try it now! :D


MOMMYCAT3 said...

I"m in.............I went today....have to look at them.............
pick a few good ones.............:)

Jordan said...

:D :D :D Summer has arrived indeed! :D I hope you're having a good one!