Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Story-time with Unky Jord requests

There's a fox in my office

I'm thinking up various ideas to write about for some upcoming blog posts.. if you'd like to hear my take on any of our past adventures send me a note and I just may type it up!

Random teaching adventures on Newcastle Island with author CJ Gosling and her future husband. May include an exploding sailboat and demon racoons.
Blogged here.

Climbing to the Cambrian Chief Mine with my brother.
Blogged here.

Trusting co-workers to pick one's Halloween Costume for a roadtrip from Vernon to Alberta w/ a Trick or Treating stop in Golden.
Blogged here.

Possible future topics include..

the time I was really ill climbing a volcano before a thunderstorm, that time I got in trouble for touching a great white shark, The Crazy Firestarting Challenge Years 1 and 2.

I'm now open for requests ;)

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Victoria said...

Great white shark.