Tuesday, March 08, 2011


A Man and his Dog

Outside your door is an exotic place.
One step outside and you're at a spot that the vast population of the world
will never see.

All who have been born before,
and all who will be born after,
will never have the opportunity to be where you are right now.
Look around and see what they won't.

Take a few more steps beyond your doormat
you will likely have passed any vehicle you own.
You're now walking out on an adventure.

Many people drive.

But you are foraging and wandering like our ancestors long have.
You are trundling by things that many will never see.
You are smelling smells that many will never smell.
You are hearing sounds that many will never hear.

And you'll never be here again.

Our world is hurtling through the cosmos at vast speeds.
A person laying in a hammock at the Equator rotates around the Earth's centre axis at around 12 kilometers a second.
Our planet orbits the sun at a speed of almost 30* km a second.
At our place in this arm of the Milky Way Galaxy we move around the center of our galaxy at about 220km per second.
And our galaxy is in motion too...

We'll never be here again.

Somewhere in the world a life breathes it's first breath as a life breathes it's last.
People are arguing as
people are making up as
people are breaking up as
people are sitting to watch TV.

I'll never be here again.
and outside my door is an exotic place.

*figures were found on the internet.. I'm not a space scientist.


Anonymous said...

THAT perspective is what I needed... what I need everyday when I leave my house... and what I need for the moments I don't want to leave the house, but probably should.

Anonymous said...

(from Shannon)