Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roadtrip aka March Egmont Adventure Away! Part 2

When last we left our intrepid adventurers they were striking deeply into the coastal temperate rainforest of British Columbia. More specifically near the small coastal town of Egmont where my Mom's side of the family hearkens from. And yes, hearken is a grand word of sweetness.

We'd been hiking for around half an hour when I noticed that Timos was missing. I spun around and found him striding up a log towards the top of a giant stump.

Log to Stump

I don't think they have giant stumps in Greece.

Coming around the corner we entered a section of blowdown from a few years past. A very strong wind had come at the forest from another direction than usual and swaths of the forest hadn't the root resolve or resistance to stand the buffeting. Some may feel a loss at this, but forest dwellers know that it is the circle of life. These are opportunities and invitations to appreciation.

So we appreciated. And made like Ewoks.
Forest Pathes

Or at least tried to..

Though Timos did manage to scamper up and along until he hit the elevated end of a log. And then had to figure out a way down to the ground.

Marko was always identified out of sight by the steady thumping of the walking stick he was carrying along. *Thump*....... *Thump*...... there was a deep resonating goodness about it that still makes me chuckle. And also likely intimidates coyotes and other small woodland creatures.

Then he found a cozy stump to seek shelter in..

Which gave Timos an idea that started like this....

and ended like this....
Just Hanging Around

After all the foresty excitement we did make it to the Pacific Ocean and the Sechelt Inlet.
Ocean and Across

Where I then suggested they pretend to surf on rocks while pointing at me
"Pretend your surfing and pointing at the camera"

We watched the water flow through the inlet. We saw the sunlight glimmer on the water. We saw the police boat go cruising along. And then we turned around to retrace our path out of the forest.

We were ambling along just fine until we ran into what we had previously thought of as a creation of Lewis Carroll in "Through the Looking Glass". Yes.. we encountered a jabberwock.

Things got a little frantic. Timos used his tree scurrying skills to distract the beast as he jumped from tree to tree, scurried between stumps, and generally performed acrobatic amazements. Marko wielded oaken fury in the form of the maple pole he'd lumbered in for so long. *Thunk thunk thunk* he clunk clunk clunked the brute. The beast lashed out with bitey jaws and claws that catch, which we dodged with great aplomb, until I caught some jabberwock tail upside the head. Crashing through the trees I was stopped at the base of a gnarly old cedar stump. An eerie glow emitted through the sword ferns around the base and reaching in my hands clasped upon some odd firm grip. Drawing out of the darkness I held in my hand a vorpal sword! Well... One two! One two! And through and through the vorpal blade went snicker-snack! And that was it.

We shoved the jabberwocky head upon a pole and left it as a warning to all others of it's fiendish kind. Future travellers of the forest pathways may notice it still..
a beacon of safety in a murky dank forest.
The Jabberwock

We then headed off into the sunset.

Homeward bound where food, dark beer, guitar and singing awaited to hold back the darkness till morning.

The next day a new day dawned....
and still the adventure draws us on...

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