Saturday, November 11, 2006

Multi-Cultural Meals and More.. plus more pictures of me found on the internet

So.. Multicultural meals? Oh yeah. Yesterday for lunch (after visiting costco) we went to a chinese place for food. It was good. Raymond's.

Then tonight we went for dinner to The Blue Nile which served Ethiopian food. I love Ethiopian food, as well as eating with the bread. Two thumbs up.

Speaking of Costco... yesterday was a very special day for me. 3 new pairs of socks and 3 new pairs of underwear have now entered the rotation. Oh Prodige, girding men's loins all over for quite awhile now. Seriously.. we did a spontaneous camp poll and everyone there was wearing prodige. Oh how Costco and Prodige have teamed up to corner the underwear market.

I've recently joined Facebook ( at ) and have thusly unearthed more pictures of me that I didn't know existed. Here is one that is very special to me. Very near and dear. It's from the Halloween of 04 when we went trick or treating as we drove from Vernon (I think) to Alberta and stopped in Golden (I think) for some Trick or Treating it up. My co-worker Ben (The Butterfly) was in charge of getting my costume at VV (Value Village). I'm not sure what I'm sposed to be exactly but it was really cold there (below zero... maybe -5) and I wasn't wearing any pants. Don't worry though. The picture is SFW (Safe For Work). Oh and Jesus (Chad) went all out with the authenticity. Not only is that his real kick butt beard. But if you look closely in the basket, around the candy, you'll seem some fish and bread that we bought at Safeway. Eric (Humpty Dumpty) was worried that he wouldn't have a costume at all, and thought it didn't work out that well, but I thought that his costume was one of the best. I love his use of fabric to tie the top to his head and fashion suspenders to keep on the bottom. All in all.. we were one very festive group. I wasn't about to use my bambi pillow case so I got a plastic bag from the local Overweightea (however you spell it....).

Maybe I'm a hairy Oma or something. I think it was, at one point, a night gown. I was wearing some bling.

Anyhoo... I leave you with someone trying to modify one of the greatest quotes of all time. (Sneaky sneaky.. can't get by me).

"If you're not stretching your fascia, your not really stretching."
-Brian Dawkins 2005 Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Safety, Philidelphia Eagles

He's good.. but he's no Ian Brown.. who well before 2005 coined this beauty.

"If you're not thinking foodsafe, you're just not thinking."
-Ian Brown, Man of Wisdom and Pithyness

So Mr.Super Pro Bowl.. better luck next time. (And thanks for the tip.. everyone.. remember to stretch your fascia too when stretching. Seriously.)

Oh and BTW (By The Way) I'm reading a book on stretching. And also using more acronyms because I'm playing WoW (World of Warcraft) with Kendall (Former Outtatown Africa student/current friend from Saskatchewan.. though he's in Florida at the moment)

Ok and one more picture for the road. This one was found on the interweb and I'm not wearing a dress! I am fully clothed! Yes there are pictures like that of me out there also. B-Rent and I pulled a little swap-a-rooney. In this picture he's wearing my old hat and jacket.. and I'm wearing his!! Oh the zanyness! And if you're wondering if we're at the Winnipeg Zoo? You'd be right!

He's even wearing my watch. It's the little details that bring authenticity. I think I was attempting my "I'm very unenthused" face. In fact I was being Brent and he was being me. It's eerie isn't it?

Well all this fun and excitement has me exhausted. Time for a nap. Ciao!


Brent Bowker said...

and then Chad's fish got recycled and put in the vent of our cabin for site 1 when they came... except a band camp got there first unexpectedly and had to vacate the building they were previously using for their recital.. OOPS.

It was a great clothing swap too.. your had is comfy.. and keeps the sun out of your eyes AND off your neck, 2 in 1.

Jordan said...

I miss that hat. I liked that hat. I don't know where that hat is. If you see my hat please let me know. The nights are lonely without it. And colder.

Jordan said...

And now I can't find that watch. I saw it when I was moving..... Bowker!!!! Where's my watch.. is it with my hat? You seem to be enjoying them greatly in that picture............ grrrrrr.

Jenn said...

Now I'm not sure about your costume this year. This one is more interesting... But then again I think you're safer going with the whole Indiana Jones/whatever it was - more appeal for the ladies.