Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roadtrip aka March Egmont Adventure Away! Part 1


Last week I got a text from a buddy in Vancouver. It being spring break he had some time off and wondered if I was interested in an adventure.
Starting the next day.

I said sure and we tossed a few ideas around before settling on him coming across the ferry and nabbing me so we could head up coast to the small town of Egmont where my Grandpa was born and my family hearkens from. He also asked if he could bring a mystery friend who's identity he wouldn't announce.

I said sure.

Meet the team!

Marko was on a yearly spring cleanse and drinking only a maple syrup, lemon juice, and hot pepper mix. Timos and I however needed nourishment and stopped by a grocery store in Sechelt to provision up! Baguettes, olives, cheese, liverwurst spread, and a tomato and an onion also made it's way into our collection of consumables. We then ventured forth for a bit over an hour along the windy roads in the black VW Van I'm choosing to call the Markmobile.

Arriving at my relatives house, my friends were quite delighted to find Uncle Bob's Car.

Uncle Bob's Car

I gave the guys a quick tour of the layout and, taking advantage of the blue sky break in the weather, we drove to the parking lot of the nearby Skookumchuk Provincial Park.

I find many signs here in Canada to be quite comical. I've spoken about it before. This time we got a video ;)

Leaving our bemusement at the "No Teepee" sign behind us we continued on our way for around 20ft before we saw something neither Marko or I had ever seen before. Timos likely had.

The food was then consumed by the Timos.
Snack Break

And off we went along the road, joined for a little while by a young eager puppy on a lead, to the head of the trail where the puppy's owner came driving up and took the puppy away, and into the woods.

Sun in the Forest

Falling Water

Hiding Stone

What happened in those woods? What discoveries were made? What stories told? What memories forged?

Well the story doesn't end here,
not by a long shot,
but it does end for today ;)
so look for part two to make its way here soon :D


I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into one of our adventures and there are definitely more to come! :D (Uploading videos and pictures was taking a crazy amount of time)

Till next time,
grab your camera and have a look out your front door!
It's a place most of the world will never ever see ;)

Part two is here ;)

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Heather in BC said...

I borrowed your 'teepee' video to put on the helloegmont FB page :D

Your adventures are always so 'adventurous' and you make a simple walk through the woods a unique experience... can't wait for part 2!