Thursday, March 17, 2011

West Coast Leprechauns

All photos taken by freelance photographer Justin Samson

With the recent population boom ever encroaching into the wild western temperate rainforests, the West Coast Leprechaun has been forced to become even more cautious in his daily ambles and adventures.

A little known fact: The West Coast Leprechaun's copper Pot of Gold works by converting wild fresh-picked mushrooms into gold.

These wily fellows are rarely found traipsing along well maintained trails, having a penchant for the deeper primeval forests and streams. It could be said that they are most at home in those mysterious and mystical environs.

So much so that they feel nervous and twitchy when out in the wide open. Any opening is approached with care and caution.

But do not fret for the West Coast Leprechaun. The forests are vast and the wilderness sprawls still for now. After his travels of the day he likes nothing more than to sit down and put his feet up with a good book and some tea.

You may be wondering what sort of book would a West Coast Leprechaun read? Wonder away for that answer is not yet revealed... unless you can figure it out I suppose ;)

And Happy St.Patrick's Day! May it be filled with warmth, joy, good friends, and many huzzahs!


MOMMYCAT3 said...

This was a wonderful read..............wonderful pictures of the leprechaun !!
thanks for sharing.......

Daniele Boadicea said...

Wonderful! Magical!
I loved it.

Jordan said...

Thank you very much MommyCat3 :) I'm very glad you liked it.

Thank you Daniele! Twas a very fun idea and lots of fun to create and share :D