Friday, March 30, 2007

The Zany Adventures of Jordan Oram

So apparently I've gotten a job during my break between terms 1 and 2. After a tumultous week of trying to weigh options between accepting "the job" or sticking with school, I've chosen to stick with school. Then I was offerend "the job" for the time I was on break. I accepted. But then we realized that I wouldn't be able to renew my first aid before then. So it was a no go. Then yesterday I was told that in light of my other noteworthy skills and abilities and whatever else, that if I still wanted the job during the break that I could have it. So I agreed. And now I'll be working during the break. It was a tricky decision because, while I'll still be able to hit up Sechelt and see my 'rents new place for a day or two, I'm not sure I'll be able to cruise Abbotsford and hang with my greatly missed peeps.

Such is life and the decisions made with the choices that come ones way.

Ok.. time for me to adios so,

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