Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vintage Hot Tubs

I bike past a place every day. It's called Vintage Hot Tubs. There are some things that I'd buy vintage. My thermos. Neat clothes. Maybe some things for the house.. if I ever upgrade from my backpack. ;) Vintage Hot Tubs sounds like something made out of cast iron that you put over top of a fire and heat up over a long period of time. I can actually see a design schematic for something like that in my head. I think I'd get one of those. Ok... I'm weird. It's just an odd title for a business that sells hot tubs. Mind you.. it's got me thinking at least and remembering it. In fact, if someone were to, today, ask me about a hot tub store that's the one I think of right away. Just like the "Hidden Treasures" furniturish store in North Van. I remember that because it's name is so untrue.. unless they've thrown sheets over all of their couches and the tables are buried under the entertainment centre section. Then they could at least call it "Poorly Hidden Treasures" But no, the title is Hidden Treasures. They're not really hidden if they're in plain sight; if you proudly proclaim their "hidden" status on the front of your store alongside a busy street to all that drive past. I don't dispute the treasure statement.. could be.. I don't know if I don't go in. But the "Hidden" is clearly erroneous. That said... if someone in North Van asked me about a furniture store I'd wonder if they'd checked out Hidden Treasures.

Makes you think.. but no matter how well those erroneous titles seem to have stuck with me, I'm still not going to call my future RMT business Hidden Vintage Massage. Though people would remember it. And if you've read this you may too.

Can you guess who's desk this is? Oh and yeah.. there was a girl in the back but when I took the picture of my desk she said "am I in that?" like she didn't want to be. So I said "no" and crappily halfassed airbrushed her quasi out of the picture. It was kinda cool actually.. cause when you just run the airbrush through there once it kinda looks like the person is beaming out.

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