Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 Days Done

Two tests in the last two days and today was our project presentation. I was involved with a dramatic piece for Chapter 2, the game show host for "Transference Jeopardy", and the singer/songwriter who did a summary of Chapter 6 in song. So at least it wasn't boring. :) Oh and I got bored so I shaved for the presentation, so as to look "professional".

What else is up? Well.. having searched somewhat fruitlessly to find someone working the Yerba Mate here on the Island my buddy Scotty and I are thinking of bringing some in and selling it at Farmer's Markets etc. We're looking into it. ;) At least then I wouldn't have to wait to go back to Abby to pick up some more Yerba. :)

Here are a couple pictures I took while Scotty and I were cruising the beach yesterday and discussing plans.

Well I'm gonna get on with my day, may you have a good one.

Ok.. and for those of you who are wondering what it looks like to receive a massage from a student at WWCMT...

The Aftermath

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