Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mishmash before school.

Yes I must bolt out the door soon.. but first!
I have a new thermos. It's official. But I don't have a picture as of yet. I know... you're all eager with anticipation. But fear not! For soon you shall see my new thermos.. perhaps I will also unveil my name of choice for my guampa. Though that contest is still open. (The name Jordan's guampa contest, if you didn't know :) )

On with the quick show.
Bike commute to school past the old anglican church. Construction in the back. New Vic meets old Vic. At least they're keeping the old VIc around whilst they build their giant monoliths.

On Tuesday's bike-a-riffic adventure I biked back to Moss Rock at the start of my journey. As I was biking down a road to I knew not where, I passed this circle of purple flowers protectively surrounding this poor naked tree. It's kinda like a nudist visiting Hawaii. As long as they don't bust out the "you wanna lei" line I'm not running yet.

Birds Watching Bird Watcher
This retired gentleman (I don't know how you retire from being a gentleman.. maybe that's when you transition into a life of cranky old man?) (just kidding) (he was quite nice) was out visiting for a couple months from Ottawa. We spoke for nigh on half an hour on various different topics. Climate, climate change, politics, school, work, life choices, etc. It was rather an interesting and good conversation. I'm finding myself in more of them as I go out on my adventures. Especially with older people. I think they generally have a lot to add to society and have usually thought out stuff pretty good. It's unfortunate that their intelligence and wisdom is often unheard or unsought and they end up being marginalized. So there's a challenge for you. Engage in a conversation with a random person today. And if you pick an older person you're more likly to end up in a long conversation.

And I wanted to finish by heading to the top of the hill. I was down at the Chinese Cemetary and didn't really know the roads. So I just found the bottoms of the park where there aren't houses, picked up my bike, and climbed up. I only had to do it through 2 sections removed only by a short 5 min bike ride portage, before I made is successfully to the top. It's a snazzy view from up there. I recommend it. :)

So since I went to Mt.Tolmie as my "breaking in the bike" bike ride, I think I've covered most of the high points near the house here... the next closest one is Mt.Doug but that'll take a bit longer... mayhaps it'll be the next bike-a-riffic expedition. Something for the weekend. :)

Time for me to run like a fast biking school boy. Adios and good times. Live life well and choose your choices with wisdom.

And talk to random people. Respectfully. But if you find yourself in a line up.. make a comment on something. Look around and smile and greet people as you pass them on the street. It's a thought isn't it?

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