Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update and Random Crazyness

Yeah so we're just coming up to final exam time here. The first one is on Thursday. But I'm probably not going to get much studying done because one of my good friends is coming to visit me (hopefully) tonight and for the next couple days. (who? who? you sound like owls. Maybe I'll post a picture afterwards)

Add to this mix the following Jordanic happening. I was offered a job yesterday. Yes, me. Now.. how do these short notice really interesting and somewhat attractive job offers keep happening to me? Does this happen to other people? Or is it just me?

So basically... i've been offered a job, living in a tent on a small island, working with school kids, for a couple months in the spring, and could do it in the fall also. I'd have to find something else in the summer (maybe the little business Scotty and I are cooking up?). Oh and it pays quite well. Though if I were to momentarily pause my schooling after this term, the next time term 2 is offered is, I think, next January. So that would add to the time it'd take till I'm done the program.. but I'd be better set up fiscally for it.

Yeah... so.. exam time eh? lol I've got so much swirling in my head it took me awhile to get to sleep as my body was practically buzzing.

Oh the wacky wildness.

And now.. Jordan's Top Favorite Biking to and from School things...

Biking there...
The first couple blocks while I'm warming up as I dodge cars at the 4-way intersection and take to the sidewalk.
The construction zone and the nice people who tell me to stop everyday. Like today I"m gonna do something different.
How if you've lots of time to get to school, then every light is green on the way there. But if you're a bit behind and hope to hit every green light, you get mostly red. lol
Arriving and getting to do the ever so class "Farmer Blow" technique (def's highlight)

Biking back...
Mirror's whizzing by the head
Buses whizzing on ever side
Passing long lines of traffic as they go light to light
Passing anything.. it's fun
dodging doors suddenly opened in front of you
How my eyes water from the air when I go downhill fast (I'm not crying!)

Ok ok.. it's time for me to go.. lets see.. leave you all with a couple pictures....

Who wouldn't buy yerba mate from these guys? eh eh? :)

We were laughing about how our heads almost got stuck... time to get the butter out.. how many people are suddenly reminded of the time their sibiling or friend got their head stuck between two railings or something? Darn those ears.. they work so well going in and are such a nuisance backing out.... :) Later y'all

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Tele Queen said...

Jordan you take the most amazing photos EVER.


Will you give me your autograph or something?? lol