Saturday, March 03, 2007

Are The Rumours True? Could it be?

What have we here? Is it a new thermos? Oh yes. Yes it is! The Yerba shall flow once more. Blind shall receive sight, and weeping shall turn to paeans of gladness.

There you have it. My new Thermos with my still to be named Guampa. The guy who sold me the thermos was named Peter. I've though about working off of the name Peter, ie Petros- rock. Maybe Pedro or Pietro. Though looking at the South American history of the guampa.. maybe Pedro is the better choice.

The two other suggestions I've received are,
From Jenna- Benvolio (the only one from Romeo and Juliet's generation to survive the whole affair). Seen as a guy who attempted reconciliation and to defuse situations rather than automatically turn to violence. Yet he was willing to stand up when he felt it necessary. That's a pretty funkadelic name.

Ian Brown glibly dismisses Benvolio and petitions for Navin. If you don't understand that reference.. then you need to go here.

Any suggestions for the name of the Guampa? Or the new Thermos? To see more of their (and my) adventures keep an eye on my flickr account.

On a side note.. it doesn't help that much that all of my helpful friends, who've offered their services for me to practice on, live on the mainland when I've got an assignment due on monday. Maybe I'll just have to put on a sandwich board and walk the streets.. but that could be horribly misconstrued.

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