Friday, February 02, 2007

For Delayne: The First "Dress Up Like A Guy from the Village People" Day

So I hear through the facebook grapevine that Delayne is quite sick with bronchitis and is hopped up on meds and at home feeling yucky yucky yucky. (By facebook grapevine I mean she wrote it on my facebook wall). And I think to myself, "self, what can you possibly do to in someway use your mad skills to somehow improve her situation". Well.. they say laughter is a good form of medicine.. along with encouragement and well wishing.

I came up with my idea and emailed it to her (aka wrote on her facebook wall).

On Friday (today) I would go to school as a Construction Worker.

To my school where I'm learning Massage Therapy.

It'd been about 5 days since I'd last shaved so this morning while I shave I left the faux-fu manchu. Which was great cause people couldn't really see it from a distance so it would suprise them up close.. ;)

Then I put on a guatemalan sleeveless beer shirt I got when I was down there. Put on my bandanna. Broke out the sunglasses. And tossed on my silver eagle (a gift from my step-dad a few years back) (I like that eagle).

The result? Beautiful.

Here I am with another guy from the job site.. we call him "Skinny"

The hard hat's actually his.. i found it one day on the side of the road on my way to school... it'd been there for a bit.. so I brought it into class and put it on the skeleton.. it's been there ever since.. for maybe... a week.

For lunch we went to the Europe Deli. A great choice for any construction worker in the area. We had the polish special for lunch. Perogies, polish sausage, and a cabbage roll. Quite yummy. My mom says I'm to marry a polish or ukranian girl. She wants to exchange recipies and learn to make perogies and all those great things.

As we left I got these great gingerbread cookies with plum centres covered with chocolate. I remember having them when I was in Germany.. they were good.

So class was pretty good today.. and afterward my dad and I went out to grab some pizza to celebrate a successfull week of school done with some great test results. While waiting for the pizzas we went for a walk in a nearby park.. with a very crazy inviting tree... it said "Jordan... you must climb me"... well.. Sometimes I have a hard time saying no. Then I found a nice little "foresty" section with a bit of a fern bed.. so I went and stood in it for a bit and pretended I was actually in the forest and not in the city.. it was a nice little reprieve.. but I really think I need to go for a hike soon.

So those are the pictures I'll leave you all with.. may you have a grand weekend and remember that a great deal of life is your interpretation and mindset towards it. Maybe have a random dress up like a construction worker day, or climb a tree, or whatever. Life is full of invitations if you really want to see them.

May you feel better Delayne and get over your bronchitis soon.... ok here's those pictures..

This tree kinda has a bit of that whole "Castle Greyskull" thing going on down by it's base. I think it's just upset that people aren't climbing it. So I attempted to remedy that...

Yes I got down just fine.. thanks for asking..

This is my "Little Boy Lost" pose... being deep in the woods and all and surrounded by wilderness... and a park. Well.. I can pretend can't I?

May you have a grand weekend.


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*ahem* I take it that something is found to be comical here? Ok then, carry on. I'd like to highlight my little blurb on your interpretation affecting how you view your day and experiences.. I thought that part was rather good. ;)