Monday, February 12, 2007

Quote of the Day

Today in MSAK Lab we were palpating what were, for some people, awkward places. Most of us didn't really care.. but there was a lot of giggling and much mirth.

The quote of the day would have to be

If you don't want someone to palpate your coccyx you don't have to.

But it also got a bit gong showish when, in this atmosphere of giggles, he started talking about various positions for better results at getting in there. Yeah.. I just want to say that I wasn't the one that started the giggling, or the raised eyebrows, or that I even was the first to start thinking in, gutter region areas. You who know me, may doubt me, but I tell the truth! :)

I stop now lest the mirth overcome. We're professionals damn it! Well.. on our way to becoming professionals.

And then during one break I was inspired to make some photos for a challenge group on Flickr that I'm part of. The challenge was aliens.. so I used what was on hand... as a professional of course. I leave you with my inspiration, accomplished with a little help from my friends.

Oh and if you haven't seen the Sedin's "Swedish Twin's" Commercial then you need to check this out.

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