Thursday, February 22, 2007

The First Bike Ride

Hello and welcome once again to Jordan's occasional (now urban) adventure updates.

Today's adventure is... biking to school. We finally got the bike up and working, and repaired the flat tire after my one days' test bike ride. Which meant that when the weather was auspicious it would be time for me to forego the vehicle ride and power myself to class.

Looking out in the morning I saw the sun playing off of the clouds away on the horizon. Blue sky smiled back at me. This seemed an auspicious day for my first bike ride to school.

As I passed the Legislature I was greeted with a few little rain drops.. but nothing bothersome. What's a little rain? If you live here you're used to the occasional swing in weather. And rain brings..

Rainbows. Though this one is rather faint and shy. But still.. a rainbow rode along side me as I made my way through the semi-crush of traffic. Ok Victoria really isn't that bad for traffic when you think of places like um.... latin america or asia. Where the population density in the urban centres can be a bit more wild and zany... anyways.. on with the bike ride.

Hail?!?! Uh... I didn't think that wind driven hail would be pelting my personage but that happened as well. I love this town. So wild and fun; unexpected and interesting.

I also think I probably encouraged those people who rode in their vehicles thinking their "life's fairly poor and that it couldn't get any worse". I of course didn't mind the hail. It made for a more exciting trip.

So after the light changed and onward I continued to school. I arrived and dried off a bit and then class started. The day went well. The ride back was not as weatherlifficuly exciting. But as I biked past the Anglican Church (one of many) I took this ride-by shooting picture.

There are lots of adventures in your day if you know how to see them!
May you go well and see well and be well,

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