Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Wily Dude Abides.. and responds to other people's posts.

So as I read some friends', and friends of friends',and friends of friends of friends' blogs, I am often inspired to leave a response. And oft-times not just a little response either. Sure I hope it'll make them chuckle or ponder things for a second. But I try not to think too highly of my wit and prowess. More so it's away for me to be creative and wrestle with the thoughts, emotions, and zanyness inspired by the Blogger's post. So with that said... the following are responses I posted to peoples blogs...


I read one the other day that was in reference to if marriages succeeded based on hard work or on luck.

Jordo's response:
I think the question "Is the success of a marriage a product of hard work or largely a gamble?" is too narrowly defined. Is it one or the other? I'd lean towards a lot of A and perhaps some of B but also tonnes of C's,D', and E's.

You can work your ass of and still get screwed over. Of course maybe it's not luck that plays the choice role. Perhaps some people, those who externalize their choices and attempt to disengage from their responsibilities as well as denying their own choices, name many things fate and luck and destiny, when in fact they are actually the results of their choices.

This discussion and topic reminds me, though on a larger cost/risk plateau, of the question "which relationships work out" in reference to dating. And I've had, and given lol, much advice on this topic as one commiserates or congratulates around a pint or two.

Some people say that long distance relationships never work. Yet I know people for whom it worked. Some people say that opposites attract and I know people for whom that is correct, and others for whom it isn't so. We seek to define and locate rules and guidelines that surround this most troublesome and painful of factors, that of our heart and it's release into the general population. All of this to come to this conclusion.

The ones that work, do. The ones that don't, don't. And though I have suspicions and ponderances upon why that is.. I know they are just suspicions and ponderances. Affairs of the heart are a grand mystery that we will never unravel. It's like sailing on a ship that is willing to sail off into that part of the map that is uncharted; the part of the map that says, Here Be Dragons. It is an adventure into the unknown. There you may discover new lands, or old sorrows. You may be wracked upon the unseen reefs that surround the shores of a tropical paradise or be received unrealistically as a god, before the illusion shatters and the people turn against you. You may discover lands filled with untapped potential and you may see and find great cultures you never knew anything about. You will, whether you like it or not, learn and grow.

Life is calling. The ship sails with the tide. Fear, trepidation, excitement, and hope, are your crew. Prepare to cast off the ropes and away into the unknown.

Or perhaps it's not yet time to venture forth just yet. Perhaps it's time to stay on shore and recover your wits and will from the last nautical debacle.

In regards to the original question of skill vs luck. I choose both. The luck/mystery/fortune to find what you will, to find what can be a great relationship and discovery, combined with the skill and the fortitude to choose, to step out, to take risks, to live life.

How very Canadian of me. When given A or B I redefine the question and still answer both... hah.

I also responded to a friend who said that when he wants to go for a drive he says "he's going for a ride too" because he imagines that somewhere, someone else is going for a drive too.

Jordo's response:
You'd be right.. there's tonnes of people driving... right now as we speak... they're driving over to your house.. creeping down the hall... they're right outside your door this very section... stop reading and run!! get out of the house! Move dude! In the name of all that is holy and good! What are you waiting for.. don't worry about me.. I can keep typing.. I'm safe in BC.... you need to leave the computer now and go... GO!!!............




Are you gone yet?
You should be..
They're lurking out there still..

Really.. I've come from the future to protect you... I'd be there.. but it's cold and I like it here.

Seriously? I thought they were after you? Unless.... they know I'm here to protect you and they're going to take me out first!! I came back in time but it's altered nothing! Nothing! They've adapted to my presence and they're going to try to take me out.. therefore leaving you vulnerable.. but they didn't count on blogs now did they? No.. you've been forewarned.. be careful man... I must go now.. they're probably tracking this signal... Oh yeah.. before I go. It's very very important, imperative really, do you have a pen? You may want to write this down... it's very very important that under no circumstances do you actually


Yeah so that's it for now. If you'd like email or blogged responses to your questions, qualms, and queries, then you may want to contact someone else. :) But if you wanna chit chat or whatevs then look me up. Oh ok.. and if you want my thoughts on something you can have those too. But only if you ask nicely.

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