Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today's day in review.. aka A Usual Weirdly Jordanic Day

So my buddy, D, emailed me the other day. Asked me if I was going to be heading to his church today. I wasn't really going to. I don't do that so much anymore. But I did have a thing I was supposed to give him from another buddy of mine. And the reason he asked if I could go was that there was a new girl in the area that lived nearish to me who didn't have wheels and wanted to check out his church. Well.. with so many signs converging.. I figured I'd darken the door.

Woke up. Threw on the clothes. Boiled the water. Filled the thermos. Filled my new computer/book/funkadelic wild and crazy, black new carrying... dang.. might as well take a picture... that would be easier...

uh yeah... wrong picture.... well.. so school can be a little intimidating ok? Anyways.. now you might as well meet the gang. Some of you will be familiar with Mr.Snuggles. He's done some traveling with me. He also takes care of my bling. Good job buddy. Then there's the original Snoop Dog. Both him and Mr.Snuggles (who my mom insists is named Ted E. Bear. Well I don't remember that.. but I remember Mr.Snuggles. Though I think my bro's bear was called Huggy Bear. Maybe he was Hug E. Bear? I don't know). Pretty sure that both Mr.Snuggles and Snoopy are over 25. Koala is fairly new.. got him after the big car accident when I was 7 or 8. I just got a broken arm. Bro bro was hospitalized for over a month or something. Anyways.. I was talking about my day.. and my new bag.

So I filled my new bag (pictured here)

(ok.. good job guys... you get the rest of the day off) (Snoop don't worry.. we'll hang out later)

So anyways.. I filled my bag with the essentials and grabbed my thermos. Pictured here are the essentials ;)

Ok so... I took off out the door... the windshield was frozen.. took care of that fully before leaving.. well.. mostly pretty fully. Then drove up the street.. picked up the girl.. and drove up peninsula towards Saanich.

I know, I know, so far it sounds pretty normal.. not too Jordanic.. other than the Yerba Mate... it's coming up right quick.

So we get in the church.. the girl goes to find a seat in the middle.. I got to say hey to D and get he says to a lady "Hey Jordan will do it!". Uh say what?

"We need someone to act in a drama piece before a bunch of kids for kids church upstairs"

Ok.. I haven't been in the door for a minute. I of course say yes. I mean c'mon. Think of the kids. So we walk up the stairs. "I'll get you your lines" she says.

There's lines?

We enter a room. I meet "Joe" and "Other Guy" who I learn by their stage names cause we don't have much time. I get the blurb on why guy I'm replacing isn't there. I get a script. I highlight my lines. They read over it once. It's time to go to the room. Total time.. under 5 minutes.

We're behind the back of the set and waiting for our cue to go on. I play "Zoom" the wild and impetuous paparazzi who catches some unglamourous pictures of the "Starlet". I have lines like "I'm Zoom. You know me.. I'm fast and quick, I don't think about consequences, I'm a wild man, and that's just me." and stuff like that. Zoom is all about the cash. Snaps some pics he's gonna turn for a buck. But then he gets a moral lesson on how God loves him just the way he is and how he's not a loser but a loved creation by God. Zoom leaves the stage feeling conflicted. Except there weren't any big words like "conflicted". Zoom says "I need to think about this" and takes off stage left. So... within being there for 15mins I've arrived, been conscripted, and acted in a children's production. Having finished that I ask how we sneak out with out the kids watching. "You know we do this for a second showing right?"

Second showing. Right.

So we waited and then did it again. Then I took off. Went and sat down below.. and the rest of church went churchily. Then I took off for home cause I was having a Sunday Palpation Party to study for school.

We were gonna meet at Starbucks at 2pm. My buddy Scott arrived and was carrying a book bag. He motioned me over and lifted the flap. Told me to look in. Inside was his friend. Hoagie. The Hedgehog. Yes, it's a real hedgehog. They're kinda cute. And spiky.

We then studied. Well.. I think some people did better than others.. I was pretty ADHD. Couldn't really pay much attention.. played my guitar. Tried not to be too distracting to the others... yeah.

I then had adventures in cooking. Slowly cooked some turker sausages.. cut them up.. threw in a red sauce, brought it to a simmer. Cooked some pasta.. and *voila*. I gastrnomical delight. Those who know me will be amazed that I a) cooked a meal that required 3 distinct phases, and b) that I consumed it and lived to tell of it.

Then I did other stuff. This is getting long. It ends here and ends now. ;)

After some more pictures.. hee hee.

Sunset pics from off my apartment porch..

Then I took some more.... like a pic of the glasses I am currently wearing since I inadvertantly modified my new glasses....

The forest from my place, upside down, moved for light effect, flipped, saturated.

Then negatived.

Then I saw this nebulous jellyfish-like UFO lurking in the dark outside of my porch. It sucked me up into it's nether regions and took me away on some random and non-mundane adventures that I'm not allowed to speak of in this form of media. But I took one picture. It's after this one. They don't normally let people.. but they allowed me as a form of thanks for my wonderful and amazing accomplishments in liberating them from... I've said too much.

Then I was attacked by this funky light glowy snake from an alternate dimension... I fought them before in that thing I'm not to talk of.. it wanted revenge.. just like Jaws III.

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Tele Queen said...

Hey, I'm not sure wether we've met or not... is there a picture of you anywhere I can look at? Send me a link or something..
nice forest picture (the upsidedown saturated one)... it's awesome.