Monday, March 05, 2012

Every Moment Precious

Every Moment Precious

Slowly we become aware that everywhere we go is unique and changing. It can be difficult to realize this when we feel surrounded by the everyday that we feel we've seen everyday. But have we really seen it? Have we looked to notice nuance or difference?

Because there is wonder there. And story and mystery and trial and growth and struggle
and life.

Let's add to the fact that everywhere we go is unique, the realization that everywhen we are there is unique as well. The picture accompanying this was taken behind a good friend's house. I've visited him a few times since his neighbours' house burnt down, and when I went to take a picture he realized he hadn't taken any pictures of it yet either, despite living next to it, and driving past it twice a day. To take a picture as it was before the fire is now impossible. And it deteriorates now quickly. Soon it will be demolished and something new take its place. 

Spring is arriving here. Early flowers are blooming, leaves are budding on branches. It is a time of anticipation. A time of building, burgeoning awesomeness. Soon all those intertwining branches will be hidden beneath leaves catching light. It is windy today. Those branches are moving about as the wires wiggle too. Each moment and day offers sights that will never be seen again. A year from now those trees will be taller, or perhaps some gone. The clouds will change, the light will change, the molecular make up of that branch will change. And for a moment we share in that. 

It is my hope that when I walk, when I travel beyond the doorstep of habitation, I notice and am aware of the deep uniques of this moment in this place, and how it will never be again, as it fleetingly runs off to be replaced by another that will never be again. The fact that this process will continue for awhile longer does not detract, for me, the value of that one moment.

And heck, I'm happy I get to share many of these moments with all of you fine G+ friends of mine. Because I'm so thankful for your moments that you've all shared with me too.

May we notice more moments today :)
and spend them well :D

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Toad Hollow Photography said...

Love your post here, Jordan, top drawer work! What an interesting and slightly sobering photograph you've shared here with everyone. Tons of interest to take in, that's for sure!