Friday, January 13, 2012

My top "Adventures with Friends" videos from 2011

Adventures with Friends - Year in Review 2011

It being the end of the year, I've delved into the video archives from my youtube stream and selected my favourites of 2011 and shall present them in 4 categories.

Adventures with Friends

I've saved my favourite videos for last. So with no further ado let me present...

My top "Adventures with Friends" videos from 2011

This first video features my Mom's discovery of why feather pillows and washing machines don't mix well

After one of our Botanical Beach adventures on the West Coast of Vancouver Island we stopped in at a local pub for a pint and a rest. Then we discovered this.

While passing through Hope BC this fall my friend Kim showed me her nature inspired technique for harvesting plums ;)

I met this cat while doing some teaching and speaking at Camp Squeah. It is a very friendly cat, this Augustus.

I got to spend a bit of time with Yoshi (an amazing certified chef who does magic with food! Check out ) and we performed some wilderness rescue/relocation. With a cameo by Dustin the Pool Boy. ;) 

During a trip to Squamish a plan to climb the Stawamus Chief was exchanged for a day spent driving to Abbotsford and back in the service of helping a friend move. Time well spent. In an elevator?

Riding with my Vancouver Island photoadventuring friend Karsten in the early morning.. listening to CBC in his old Subaru 'Ruby'

And to balance out the animal appearance here's a video of Roman the dog learning to challenge fears in the rainforest alongside some rapids.

We end this Friend Retrospective from 2011 with three videos from the same trip. My friends Mark and Timos came to the Sunshine Coast and I took them to Egmont where we hiked out to the Skookumchuck Rapids and stayed overnight at the old family land, with guitar and recorder playing, singing and much laughter.

Many adventures and memories with friends occurred over the course of 2011. I look forward to even more to come in 2012 :)

Thank you to my friends for adding immeasurably to my life. You're all a treasure of great worth to me.

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wandering educators said...

frogs, cats, and dogs. and a greek tomato washing tree bouncing friend! what a year!!