Friday, February 24, 2012

I only had a few moments after work

Sechelt Pier at Dusk

I only had a few moments after work
I walked over and looked out to sea to see what was different
Somber grays and no brilliant sunset glow setting the sky aflame
No riotous colours.

But that's ok

The clouds make their own pattern of wonder in the sky
The lower light requests a slightly longer exposure
There is a tugboat waiting as a gravel barge is being loaded
and greatest of all?

a transient piece of driftwood
the rootball of a tree
has made its way to the ocean and this shoreline
a long journey through time and place
to casually drift through the scene

I only had a few moments after work

but this moment will last forever


Toad Hollow Photography said...

Absolutely top drawer post here, Jordan! The photo can stand on it's own, any day of the week my friend, but your accompanying words really bring home the goods here! Awesome work, my friend, you've left me with a strong desire to grab the DSLR and head out to see what adventures await!!

wandering educators said...

i love this. pure genius.

Jordan Oram said...

Thank you so much Toad! :D :D May you be inspired, may you discover, may you live well :D

Jessie - Thank you my friend :)