Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adventures in Nifty Places - Year in Review 2011

Adventures in Nifty Places - Year in Review 2011

It being the end of the year, I've delved into the video archives from my youtube stream and selected my favourites of 2011 and shall present them in 4 categories.

The two videos that comprise the Adventures in Nifty Places category were actually both filmed near Hope, British Columbia. Which is a pretty nifty place indeed! These videos contain something of my curiousity and wonder at the places I find myself, as well as the little things I notice and discover. I know a number of people who really like them, and I enjoy making and sharing them, but for my favourites I lean towards things a titch more silly/involving friends ;) Which is why this is the shortest category in this year's Maplemusketeer Youtube review.

Next year I'll record myself in more nifty places ;)

Canoeing on Texas (Klahatter) Lake in my favourite weather. Adventurous mystery weather!

Kawkawa (Sucker's) Creek nature moment - Hope BC


Ryan Egan said...

You should always take a sip of mate before your final thought.

Jordan Oram said...

LOL Thanks Ryan :D I may have to try to incorporate that more ;) lol