Thursday, December 28, 2006

Photo Froliccing

So I've been having fun with the new camera I got from my bro bro. If you'd like to see more pictures check out my Flickr account which is linked to on the lower right side of the screen.

Here are some pictures from today. (and remember Mom, you can click on them to make them bigger) (the pictures)

To my right you can see a fine example of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Shrunken Head. The triangular eyes symbolize the upward gaze to see what the weather is actually doing at the moment. This is truly how one checks the weather on the west coast. The large smile is the happyness felt at being fortunate to live in this wonderful coastal temperate climate. And in case you were wondering I did not make this. I merely came across it as I was on my walk today. Though I have been trained in the proper way to construct such culturally important figures, and can pass on my training for a small fee.

Further down the beach,
I found a lovely log.
Slowly I crept closer.
Closer I slowly trod.

While high up in the sky,
Yes high above my head,
The grey moon silently looked down on me,
and made it's plans of dread!

From it's geosynchronous orbit,
it wandered round about.
Next time it comes to visit,
It will try to take me out.

So Porkins and Wedge are scrambling,
They're taking to the sky,
Only one things for certain,
The Death Star dies, or I.

~ Composed by Luke Skywalker before the first Death Star Assault.

I pulled up to the stop light and looked around the intersection of Quadra and Hillside. To my left the sun lit the building beautifully as the moon rose up above. I was admiring it when I realized there was a camera in my backpack on the floor next to me. I hastily scurried around to get it out. As I dug in the bag with my right hand I tried to open with window with my left. And succeeded. In locking the door. Finally I got it sorted out and was able to take one picture as the stoplight changed and on I drove. I like how it turned out.

And now it's getting late and I'm getting more tired and more lazy. So less description and jocularity on the last few pics. :) Los siento. Sorry. ;)

May we all have the vision to see the amazing and wonderful that surrounds.


bluelicorice said...

the pics are beautiful! i think you found yourself a new hobby:)

Yayagirl said...

love the photos...glad you joined the grid project. your writing is captivating! I'm supposed to be heading out and I just couldn't stop reading.
Andrea (Yayagirl)

Jordan said...

lol thanks for the comments! I do enjoy it. Of course now that schools started my hobbies will now be studying and trying not to procrastinate. ;)