Thursday, December 21, 2006

Road Tripped Adventures

7am..... my watch starts beeping.. i set my alarm for 7:20
7:15am... I want to sleep still... but I can't. But I'm not getting up either.
7:20 am.... my watch starts beeping.. my mummy bag zipper protests as I work it downward, releasing me from my nocturnal confines. I sit spin and my feet touch down. I lurchingly leave the futon behind me as the jumbled up other sleeping bag on the floor asks what time it is. I tell it and go put on the kettle.

It's still dark outside. I don't remember the last time I actually left bed when it was dark outside. I know.. you're all jealous right now. Of course you also have jobs. That's the tension I suppose. ;)

We grab our various items and head for the door. Dad and Dave head down to get the vehicle going while I await the kettle's completion of it's task and fill up my kick-ass thermos. The greatest gift I never knew I wanted.

We stop in Duncan for breakfast. McBreakfast. It's been a long long time since I've eaten at a Mc's. Here we are with the results of our modern hunting trip. We took down 4 wild breakfast burritos while they were grazing by the left register. My brother's gun jammed so he had to kill his Sausage McMuffin with his bare hands. It was an epic struggle but Dave prevailed. We then ate what we had killed. It is our family's way.

Satiated we struck forth once more, heading up island in the face of the inclement weather.

Around 9:40amish (am ish.. not Amish like the religious group) we pulled in front of my friends house. I had been there once before. About 4 years ago. So I used mapquest to figure it out before we left the house. She opened the door at my first knock with the question "have you been waiting long?". I found this somewhat odd seeing as I knocked once and she opened the door. So my perspective on the thing is that it generally works that way. Arrive, knock, door is opened. Hurrah!

Not too fantabulous there eh? Well her experience of the situation is a little more interesting. She was lying in bed... woke up.. thought why do I have to be around 9:30?... hmmmmmmm.... remembered that I was coming, jumped up, threw on clothes, and stumbled to the door which she opened to look outside. Finding me (having not heard the knock) she enquired if I had been waiting out there long. In fact we all got there at the same time. I found it all to be rather amusing.

Anyhoo... we talked of the past few years and our various differing and similar experiences. She got to work, I drank mate and played on her guitar. Sing song sing alongs for awhile and before I knew it my father was at the door and it was time to go. A greatly enjoyable day thus far.

Well pops and I cruise on down to Vic and feeling a bit peckish decide on a healthy and nutritious hamburgesa. We consider going to the Irish Times but all that dang busy city christmas parking insanity is in full swing. Instead we come park back home and walk over to the Beagle. On our way we pass Dave "Pumpkin Head" Burke and Jim "Bag", 2 guys my dad plays wallyball with, at Starbucks. Conversations ensue. We then go to have lunch (3pm) with them intending to join later.

The loaded beagle burger has mushrooms, bacon, and cheese, along with the other normal burgery things. It's good. We drank VI's Hermans Dark Lager. The boys showed up and the day went on. We watched, observed, talked, pondered, and did other usual pub hang out things. We were talking metaphysics when the girls at the table next to us said they'd join us but they were only discussing Geology. I mentioned my knowledge of geological terms.. like the way in which rocks cleave. You know. Cleavage. It's a technical term. I don't know what you're thinking. And when the one girl said it was too bad she had to go but maybe she'd see me around. Hah. It's my knowledge of geological terms that impresses so.

Another epic amusing moment (some say I'm easily amused... I prefer to believe that I live with much joy at that which occurs around myself) was when I finally went to the washroom after a number of hours there. *The following conversation blurb has to do with happenings at a urinal and the length of time urinating. If you would rather not hear the story then continue on until the next paragraph. You have been warned* So I pull up to the urinal and start going. A guy saddles over to the one next to me and starts going.. going... going.. he leaves. I keep going. Another guys walks in and over and goes... and then he leaves before I finish off. At this point in time I wonder if those 2 guys have small bladders or if in fact I am gifted bladderly? Like one time when we were in Saskatchewan and a co-worker had gotten a van stuck in the snow, my friend Ben and I went off to the side to write our names in the snow. Cause it's fun. And I don't really remember much handwriting so I was printing. I managed to print Jordan Oram was he. I couldn't get the re onto the end... but it was still pretty good.. all that stopping and starting. Yeah they say my bro is an artist... but I am too in my own way. :)

Ok... so anyhoo... as can be seen I've now got my own digital camera. It's awesome! It makes grinding noises.. it takes awhile to save the picture (at least 5 seconds). The zoom button is quite... fussy... on account of my brother accidentally launching the camera across a parking lot one time. That's probably when it started making that grinding noise... but we know it's a tough piece of work. So now... pictures of things that I find amusing. Or fun. Or neat. Or pretty.. or or or or... oh so exciting!

So I shall leave you with the following... adios and may you go well.

Today's lunch. Almond butter and banana pieces on bagels that "expired" on the 8th. They're still fine. And I toasted them so that takes care of any little baddies.

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