Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mid-Month Hope Ramble Update

I'm over half-way through my September 2011 Ramble based out of Hope BC (hence the spotty updating). Here are a few images and videos to satiate your curiosity (or stoke it more ;) ) Enjoy :) Frog and Leaf
From Wandering and Wondering
Late night house cleaning at my friends' place is always better with fuzzy viking headgear and epic soundtrack music
From Profile Photos
Mt.Ogilvie in the pre-dawn morn
From September 2011 Adventure - To Hope and Beyond
Well there you have a brief glimpse at a fraction of what I'm up to! I hope you're all having amazing adventures and remember that where you are is exotic to the vast majority of the world, and when you are will never happen again! Go well! :D ~mm


Yael Assia said...

Like your videos :) thanx for sharing ! And have a wonderful time...

Jordan said...

Thank you! And you're very welcome! It is quite the adventure! Today I canoed for a number of hours down one of our provinces largest rivers through some rapids and a huge sudden storm at the end. It was in support of BC Rivers Day and we all had a wonderful time :)

Now so sleepy lol

Shelly said...

The raven video brought a smile. I hope Ian has learned to appreciate the raven.. :)

Jordan said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Shelly :) I hope you're having great days :D

As for Ian and the ravens? I'll see Ian on Friday and try to remember to ask him ;) hehe

Karen said...

Love the trip!