Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dec 25th. Christmas Day

Though it is monday today, the path is crowded. The sun shines down to the water and over towards me. It is late in the year and Sol does not ride very high in it's vast blue range. The shadows this 1:41pm sun cast are long as they frolic and gamble alongside the multitude of puppies and persons, both large and small.

The crashing thunderous waves of yesterday are gone now. Replaced by their gentle resting wash that currently rolls along the shoreline.

The ebb and flow of the passing pedestrians brings snippets and pieces of conversations, dreams, fears, fights, and fondness. But the gentle waves and soft warm sunlight ease those concerns as they draw one out into the beautiful reality.

A large brown dog runs by in the most garish pink knitted outfit. Not only is the large brown dog wearing a pink knitted sweater, but there are bold red and vivid green faux dragon spikes going back along the spine ridge. It must be Christmas. The time when no matter how ugly or tacky, the gift must be worn. I feel sorry for the dog, who like a small child, has no choice in what it wears out in public.

A cormorant pops out of the water and after a brief survey of the surroundings decides to dive deeply once more.

A knotted pile of bull kelp rests on the shore; the remnants of last days festivity, much like the Christmas trees which soon will find their way to the sides of the road, the wood chippers, and the fire.

A little bit of a long distant relative of those Christmas trees flies through the air, a dog soon to follow. Both enter with a splash, the salty sea. A number of birds, those that Julian from Quebec called "gull seas", fly through the air in front of me, and all I can think is that it's too bad that dogs don't have wings to fly after birds cause I think they'd look pretty funny. But it's a good thing too cause it's bad enough when a bird flies into your window, or drops one on your car.

Apparently this year's hot dog gift is a stick and a walk on the beach. At least they all seem very enthused about it all. Two dogs go by with matching festive red and white, belled collars. Though it does set them apart for a bit of ridicule from the other dogs, the don't really mind. They're just glad they aren't the ones weating that pink sweater with red and green faux dragon spine.

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