Wednesday, December 13, 2006


If you want to watch a crazy movie about America's descent towards Fascism for free on the internet you should check out America: Freedom to Fascism. It's a pretty crazy movie. And just cause you're may be living in Canada doesn't mean it doesn't effect you. Check it out.

On with the show

The sky reflects from the wind rippled pool, running out a foot above the waves' steady wash.

My reflections disturbed as the jingling sound of keys can be heard slipping from my pocket and falling midst idle pieces of driftwood before final alighting in water above rock shelf. The sun is shining somewhat through the cloud cover in the distance over the Olympic mountains. The seaplanes fly back and forth across my field of vision as a sailboat plyes the water to my left.

I have been on another blue glass hunting expedition. The tide being up has modified my plans and so I started at the front of Clover Point. Where the detrius accumulates. History in garbage, washed upon the shore. Bricks and ceramics being worn by the abrasion of uncounted waves revealed underneath the more transient logs and bull kelp remains. I am hit by a very coastal smell as I shuffle along my current stretch of shoreline. That of cedar mingling with what could be a skunk cabbage if I were near a swamp. But I am not. So somewhere nearby must be another variant of skunk foliage. I keep on with my quest.

In the distance on the hill a man with a yellow hat struggles, not with an inquisitive simian, but rather, with many long lines attached to an orange and yellow parachute. He's got it up now! As he struggles to avoid getting blown backwards and away. As he struggles to avoid taking out people on the walking path. And he's down once more.

Two people stumble and slide over the slick wet rocks this way. A guy and a girl. He has a tatoo on his thick neck. She's wearing a plaid shirt. They carefully traverse the logs to my left and go along their merry way.

I too shall now depart to follow after natures alluring call. I've drank quite a bit of water and with the steady crashing waves it is time to go.

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